Colposcopy results...stressed out:(

Hello! I just turned 24 years old and i live in Canada. My first pap smear was 2 years ago and came back normal.
The last smear i did this year came back abnormal(HSIL which i believe is equivalent to cin 3). Of course, when the doctor called me i PANICKED…she told me it wasn’t urgent and that i had to come back in 6 month for another pap smear!

I started reading on internet and thought that it wasn’t the right procedure for this result and that i wanted a colposcopy.
So i consulted another Dr. She saw the results i brought and did the colposcopy right away, she took two biopsies.
She told me that she didnt see any tumors, that i would’t die from that…and that id probably need cryotherapy and if it doesn’t work, that i’ll have a leep procedure done.
Of course, i’m really worried about the results and concerned that i have a cc.
My first pap smear 2 years ago was normal but, i keep on thinking that maybe it was a mistake and they missed something.

If she saw/thought it was cancer, do you think she would’ve told me that i would need cryotherapy?

I’m just lost…
thank you


Im no expert but i dont think they would have suggested cryotherapy if they thought it was cc. It is probably cin3 which is still PRE cancerous cells. After a lot of research to help put my mind at ease cryotherapy does less damage to the healthy part of the cervix, its less invasive and less likely to cause issues carrying a baby to term. The only downside is you have to wait longer to be sure all the abnormal cells have been removed. With leep they can test the removed tissue to make sure all of the cells have been removed and you get the results in the same legnth of time you have to wait for your biopsy results. Ask for whichever procedure is going to put your mind at ease, whichever 1 you chose will be the right 1 for you.

There is a possibility something was missed on ur last smear, you could always ask for it to be reviewed? But remember it has still been caught early.



Thank you Helen for your answer:)