Colposcopy results - story

Hi ladies i just wanted to share my story. Back at the end of february i went for my routine smear test which went smoothly. Six weeks passed and i had forgotten about my results.My results came and i opened them and they showed borderline changes and hpv. I was so shocked and started crying. My mom passed away from cc so it was very close to home. 

Week later i went for my colposcopy - i was so nervous. It was middle of april and i had to go alone because of covid 19. My doctor and nurses were brilliant, three punch biopsies were taken and i returned home to await results. 

Over the next two days i got really poorly with a high fever called my gp and was prescribed antibiotics for an infection. I turned to google and convinced myself of the worst. Eventually i came here and started reading things which helped ease my anxiety.

Got my results back today and i have been discharged back to 3 yearly test. 

I wanted to share my story and note how all you guys are so brave. The waiting is horrendous and covid is definately making this experience harder. There is support here for you always - jos trust has been amazing support. Sending all my love to the ladies that are experiencing this.






Hi Annie18. 

Sounds very similar to my experience although second time round I found my colopscopy painful and im currently still waiting for my results after also having biopsies taken on the 9th April. 

Im so glad you had good news. Wishing you all the best x

Hi  zoe

I hope you are feeling okay. Sorry to hear about your colposcopy. I found the waiting really difficult. Hope you hear back soon. Let me know how you get on 

Annie xx

Hi Annie, 

I had my results today, took 6 weeks. The waiting seemed endless. 

I need to have further treatment as the biopsies showed CIN3 so I'm booked in for lletz procedure in 4 weeks time. Another waiting game. yell

Hope your keeping well x