Colposcopy Results so relieved

Hi all
I just wanted to thank everyone for their sharing of experiences and wisdom on this forum. It has been an immense support and comfort since being told last smear detected HPD and grade 3 cells

Unprepared and unknown to me prior to appointment, not having had smear results, i had loop treatment/procedure to remove the abnormal cells at colposcopy appointment.

I was worried sick as last smear was 5 years previously (changed from 3 to 5 yrs same year for over 50 yr olds) despite having repeated UTI’s and post menopausal bleeding 2 yrs ago.

So relieved that results today were no invasive cancerous cells detected.

Love, hugs, and strength and love to all on this firun, who unknown to gthem got me through this last week ! :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse: xx


Great news, Glenda! So glad your treatment has been effective and there were no cancerous cells. Hopefully now they will follow you up carefully. X


Awww thanks so much Jacks133 !! I found reading your posts to be such an inspiration and gave me hope in darkest thoughts with your strength, encouragement and wisdom on this forum sharing your experience and knowledge gained from your journey!!

Love, strength & all the best from
me to you :two_hearts::two_hearts: xx