Colposcopy results severe

hi all, I'm new to the forum and have joined for some advice, Im 24 and recently went for my first smear! I had a phone call 10 days after asking me to come to my local hospital for a colposcopy the receptionist said my results would be to me from my smear in the next few days, they came back saying It was severe D. So I went to my colposcopy appointment a few days later and had my colposcopy he confirmed it was severe and took a biopsy. He also said that I will need treatment But he will not be able to treat me he has to refere me to another hospital to go under general as the area is to large! What does this mean? And also what treatment is it in likely to have? If I'm honest when I was in the room at my colposcopy appointment I was Abit oblivious to what was really going on and didn't really ask many questions until i got home and statted to think about it more! If anyone could educate me a little more on the situation I would really appreciate it. thank you 


i would presume they are doing lletz under a general as its larger area. I would suggest calling the colposcopy department. i had my colposcopy and treatment at the same time this week and as much as it wasn't a bad experience I felt like it was all a blur and I hadn't taken in any information! The day after I called and asked to speak to a nurse. I spoke to the nurse who was with me during my appointment and she talked me through everything and I could actually retain the information by his point! I found it very useful xx

Hi Minx - I can't really give you any advice as am in completely the same boat as you. Had a high grade d smear result - then at colposcopy 2 weeks ago they said the area was too large and I'd have to go to a larger hospital and have it done under GA.  They took biopsy by the loop thingy that they use to treat it normally.  So is just a case of waiting I guess - though I might take up what the lady has put above (good advice) as like you I think I was a bit shell shocked on the day - was psyched for them to deal with it there and then.  Am hoping it will just be a case of lletz under GA. I'm a lot older than you @ 44 - I really feel for you as was your first smear test bless you.  You should def get back in touch with the clinic and hopefully they can reassure you.  Keep us updated - sending you lots of positive vibes.



Hi, I'm really sorry to intrude when you are asking questions yourself. I was told the area for my treatment is large, it was the top of my cervix right down to the bottom. Was this the same for you ? having spoken to women on here and in person since this, it appears the lletz treatment is most likely. I would call and ask though because I was told if I had any questions not hesitate and ask. It's such a stressful time and we all have so many unknowns yet to be answered, the waiting makes it all worse. Definitely call and ask and get some answers to the questions they know for sure. 

I'm sure they understand its a stressful time for us all and won't mind phone calls :)

Hi Minx400

i was in the same boat about 12 years ago - first smear high grade d etc

i too went under GA for lletz as the area was too large and a little difficult to access - that is possibly the reason why - they managed to remove everything under GA.

let us know how you get on xxx