Colposcopy results! Positive story

Hi everyone 

i wanted to post this as this is the kind of post I was looking for when I received my smear test results last Sunday.. I know people who are given the all clear are less likely to post but if this can reassure anyone then its Worth it. 

anyway 4 days ago I received my results boderline changes HPV positive.. I was beside myself worrying I have health  anxiety as it is so not good. 

Today I went for my coloscopy as I managed to get a cancellation.. before he examined me the consultant told me my HPV strain was not 16 or 18 which are the most concerning and he said women without these strains and boderline results usually go back to normal on their  own. I felt some what reassured beflre he even examined me after hearing this. 

he looked at my cervix and applied a gaux kind of material which he said had a vinegar soloution on it and held it there for a while I assume this was to show up any abnormal cells. He then proded around with what looked like a slightly bigger cotton bud. i had read that after the soloution is applied if white patches show up this is the abnormal cells I could see my cervix on the screen and saw nothing had shown up. He said my cervix was healthy and he  couldnt  see anything abnormal he said he was discharging me and I would have a smear again in 3 years. 

i asked him was he sure i didn’t need to come back in 12 months and he said no  3 years nothing to be concerned  about. 

I was so relived  and feel like a huge wait has been lifted! i wanted to share my  story as I know if I had read this when I was waiting for my coloscopy i woukd have felt a bit better.




Great news. Its great it isnt strain 16 or 18. Did you have you tests through the NHS? 

I've also tested positive for HPV through my NHS smear test but I has just assumed it would definitely be 16 or 18. 

yes it was through the NHS I did ask the nurse at my doctors which strain she said she didn’t know but apparently there are 12 high risk strains I think she said maybe more so Not sure. 

i was only told at my coloscopy appointment it wasn’t any of them strains so I wouldn’t assume it is 16 or 18 as it may not be 

When you say borderline results, do you mean abnormal squamous cells of undetermined significance? I'm in Canada I'm just trying to compare what borderline would mean here. I have had to ascus Pap. One in December and the other in July just passed. I have a colposcopy appointment in December. I'm very nervous. And I have high risk HPV as well but not 16 and 18

I’m not Sure what abnormal squamous cells are sorry I just know boderline is the next stage from a normal  smear so I was told it’s very nearly normal but they aren’t sure which is why it’s boderline. In the UK I think but not 100 percent sure you  can get the following results   boderline then mild then moderate then severe changes. I was told at my coloscopy women with boderline and not High risk hpv usually go back to normal on there own and don’t need treatment.