Colposcopy "treatment"

Hi Ladies

It’s my first post on this forum having only just joined this evening.

I received my abnormal smear test results on November 16th.

My original Colposcopy date was 2nd December but I managed to get a cancellation booked for November 24th.

The Colposcopy wasn’t as bad as I had imagined…I use a non-hormonal IUD copper coil for contraception and found havibg that fitted was a far more uncomfortable experience.

The nurse examined my cervix and invited me to view the screen if I should so wish…being very nervous and slightly squeamish at the prospect I declined as I wouldn’t know what I was looking at anyway.

So she visually inspected my cervix and told me everything looked very normal however the computer scanner had advised her to take a punch biopsy which she said was nothing untoward…but not something she would’ve done otherwise.

The punch biopsy (lovely name and not daunting or intimidating at all) felt like a light pinch and I was advises to cough at the appropriate time…not sure that had any pain alleviation benefits or was just a tool of distraction for the anxious patient.

They took 2 biopsies as the nurse wasn’t happy with the first…then it was clothes on and back out into the world…whilst I felt a little world weary I got on with the rest of my day as usual afterwards.

Today December 15th I called the clinic to see if my results were back as I’m the impatient and anxious type…

The Colposcopy Secretary told me a letter is on it’s way to me and a further appointment has been made on December 30th for “treatment”

Well now here I am after a couple of hours reading various random pages on the big C.

I’m anxious…nervous and feel the lack of human contact or support through the situation so far has been palpable.

My mum died suddenly in 2011 aged 57 of undiagnosed cancer of an unknown primary. I’m feeling so alone in this…I feel nobody around me truly understands…why would they? This is a personal journey where I am facing up to everything about myself…who am I…Who do I want to be…what have I done…what do I still want to do…

I feel pessimistic as I felt buoyed after the nurses Colposcopy conments about just discharging me and referring me back to regular smears…the false optimism now tinged by the letter which I’ve yet to read…

Thank you if you’ve read this far…I needed to get it off my chesr to people who would understand and have shared this journey in their own way xxx

Hi there

Just wanted to try to reassure you that the "treatment" that you are being invited for will almost certainly be a LLETZ treatment. It doesnt mean that you have cancer; in fact the invitation for treatment rather than scans would suggest the opposite. I won't give you any platitudes about trying not to worry, because we all do and given your family history, you are certainly entitled to be concerned!

It sounds like the biopsies taken during colposcopy have shown up some abnormal cells. If these are mild, they can revert to normal on their own, but if they are moderate or severe that is unlikely to happen and they will recommend a LLETZ treatment to remove them. The purpose of this treatment (which is what I have had too) is to remove any cells that are exhibiting changes that could turn into cancer if left untreated. This is not to say that they will, but who wants to take that chance after all?

There are plenty of posts on here which will tell you a bit more about the LLETZ procedure and what it is like, if you are the kind of person who is reassured by having all of the information. Mine was done under GA, so I am afraid I can't tell you too much about it, but there are plenty of ladies on here who have had it under local, which seems far more common.

Best of luck, hope your treatment goes well and that you feel better about it all once you have a bit more info


You are not alone! I also just joined today, and I feel your pain and worry b/c I also lost my mom 9 years ago. It wasn't to cancer, but regardless, she's not here to go through this all with me. I am married and of course I have the support from them, but I do so wish my mom was here w/ me! Hang in there! The treatment could be either a LEEP or the cone biopsy, but either one of those are usually very good procedures for treatment!!! Let's focus on thinking positive and wait for your letter, then go from there!!!! Prayers and positive vibes going your way!

Thank you for the replies ladies.


The results letter came back as CGIN and HPV

Treatment nervous can't sleep x

Procedure went relatively a 3 week wait for results


Colposcopy nurse said area was wide spread which she said was unusual.....


So 3 weeks then maybe repeat if cells showing on edge of removed material....if not....smear at docs in 6 months...if negative....repeat in 1 year and then return to routine watch this space



Day 3 and the pain kicked in...felt like heavy cramps or contractions but constant without waves or ebb and flow feeling.   Taken cocodamol for it which has helped...feeling worried and anxious...