Colposcopy results - Koliocytosis

I had my first colposcopy in July after having 3 consecutive smears which were HPV positive, but no abnormal cells. After almost 6 weeks of hearing nothing, I phoned the colposcopy clinic for my results. I was told over the phone that I was CIN negative but they would still send a letter to me. The letter arrived today and it says that my results show koliocytosis, and I have been discharged back to my GP for a repeat smear in 36 months time. This doesn’t really reassure me… it seems a very long time to wait for a repeat smear, especially as I’ve had HPV for so long. The letter was very vague, meaning I had to take to Dr Google (which is never a good idea) and I’m just as stressed as I was before the results! Has anyone else been in a similar situation?