Colposcopy results I am scared


I am so happy I found this forum. I had my colposcopy done a week ago and the solution they put turned white in some areas. They took a biopsy. I am very scared of the results.

I am only 25 and I am only been sexually active for like a year. I am very scared of getting the results back and seeing that it might be cancer.

Please help me calm down :weary:

I’m sorry you’re worried, but let me assure you that you are not alone.

I had the same experience about 4 months ago. There were white spots on my cervix after they did the vinegar wash. My doctor took a biopsy, which I’m assuming you had done as well.

It’s totally normal to be scared. I was as well. But try not to worry yourself too much until you know exactly what the results are. More often than not, the white spots are just something called mild cervical dysplasia, which just means there have been slight changes in your cervical tissue. In that case you don’t have anything close to cancer.

There are three stages/types of dysplasia. The next level beyond those three stages is cervical cancer. Stage 1 (which is the most common) is not even precancerous. Stage 2 can be precancerous, but not always, and Stage 3 is usually precancerous. However, even with precancerous tissue you do not have cancer.

Wait and see if you have dysplasia at all first, and if you do, they will tell you what stage it’s in. Stage 1 usually resolves on its own. There are treatments options for the other stages, including a LEEP procedure.

Like I said, try not to worry yourself too much. Your chances of having cancer even with the white spots on your cervix are still extremely low. So sit tight, wait and see.

Please let us know once you get your results back how you are doing. Much love.

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I had the same white patches at my colposcopy appointment last year. My smear test had low grade changes.

My biopsy results came back within about 10 days where I was found to have CIN1. No treatment was necessary and I just needed to have a follow up smear test in a years time. I have just had my follow up which resulted in another colposcopy this morning, all looks OK.

I know it’s impossible not to worry but I hope my experience helps a little.


Thank you so much for sharing your testimonies. It helped me a lot. I got the results back and they were negative. The doctor didn’t find anything.

Thank you so much!