Colposcopy Results - Help!

Hi, I’ve had my colposcopy about 4 weeks ago and the doctor sent the biopsies as urgent given what she had seen. I haven’t officially had the results yet but a friend has access to the systems and the wait has seriously affected my already poor mental health. I will note that the doctor didn’t want to treat the abnormal cells on the day as she wanted to see what came back from the biopsies. I’m still waiting to hear more.

The report says: Sections show cervical transformation zone mucosa CIN3 involving the surface epithelium and colonising endocervical glands. There is immature squamous metaplastia and microglandular hyperplasis in the background mucosa. There is no CGIN or malignancy.

Can anyone help me understand this?

Secondly - I’ve seen from people that after biopsies, they’ve then received LLETZ treatment. Is this also sent away for testing? And I’ve seen that the LLETZ results can often differ from the Biopsy results.

Could anyone please help me?

I’ve also spoken to someone on the helpline as I’m done having children and the fear and worry over treating this and it returning, I’m not sure I can cope with.

I wanted to speak to the consultant regarding an elective hysterectomy. I realise I’m only 30, with one child, so technically am still able to have more children. However, to let you understand, my daughter was premature due to a mismatch in our bloods as I have a very rare antibody and my husband has the antigen so we’re always going to face the same problem where my child will need to have lots of blood transfusions in the womb to save its life. We also lost our little boy at 16 weeks just over a year after we had our little girl. We have made the decision quite a while ago that we are not having anymore children. Hence my mindset around an elective hysterectomy.

Sorry for the jumbled post. My head is all over the place.

Hi Barnsley,

I am sorry what you have been through. It should be very stressful waiting for the results of the biopsy. I think you should trust your doctor. If he didn’t treat the abnormal cells, probably it is that he couldn’t remove them completely so it is better to leave them for the time been without disturbing them rather than remove some of them. It is good that your have decided on hysterectomy however, if they are abnormal cells and cannot be removed then the doctor might suggest it as an option. Try to be patient until your results come out ( I know it is very difficult) and keep in mind that it is unlikely the abnormal cells to progress to cancerous while waiting for the biopsy results.


Thank you. The doctor did mention to me before she started the colposcopy that she would let me know if she felt she wanted to treat it there and then then when she started the colposcopy, said nothing about treating it. After she said she was sending it as urgent, she said she was going to wait for the results before deciding. I’m going to try to contact the secretary tomorrow to discuss as it’s honestly driving me crazy. Also more difficult as it’s approaching my son’s anniversary (21st) so it’s just a pain!

Hi Barnsey, sorry for what you are going through. The wait really affected my mental health too as everything was rushed through but the biopsies came back clear this time. I did have LLETZ about 7 years ago and they did send that off biopsy too, but only to ensure that they had cut out the cancerous cells and that all cells around the outside of the biopsy were normal - if that makes sense? Meaning that they definitely got the whole of the ‘bad’ area and so took the surrounding ‘good’ area to be sure. Hope you are ok x

My biopsies from the colpolscopy were also sent as urgent and she even booked me for an MRI scan within 3 days, presumably because she had seen something alarming on my cervix. She even discussed fertility saving cancer treatment as I am 32. So I was fearing the absolute worst! But it came back clear and was only an infection of the cervix and a bad case of BV! So the rushed biopsies are not always the worst case xx

That’s really helpful thanks - so this is what Clear Margins means then - the abnormal area removed but a sort of extra ring around the abnormal area which is clear. I just feel totally bamboozled by the whole thing and I’ve tried to speak to people on a Facebook platform but in all honesty that’s made me feel worse! I’ve left a voicemail for the secretary so hopefully she calls me back soon.

Yes I’d say thats exactly what it. They cut the surrounding healthy cervix away too and send it off to test and make sure that they got all the bad cells contained within the excision. Fingers crossed for you lovely.