Colposcopy results help

Hi girls, 

3 weeks after my colposcopy I got my results, 

it says the report is of low grade pre-cancer changers (CIN1) and changes consisten with a cervical wart 

no treatment is needed for this mild abnormality all that is required is for another smear in 12 months time I will be sent back to them if the smear remains abnormal?? 

Can someone explain low grade pre cancer changer!?? 

my smear results were HPV VIRUS they took two biopsies 

why wait 12 months!! 

Has anyone got the same results and ben back for another smear ? 

I'm going to go back sooner , 

would one to hear what all this means if ye can help. 

Thanks x 


Hi I had my first smear athrew months ago which came back they found a growth while doing the smear then athrew days later the result came back high grade severe a week and a half later I was in for my coloscpy which then he said I had to have surgery under anistetic I had this surgery were they said they lasered the cells and removed the growth now this was over 3-4 weeks ago Iv rang up and they said its in the lab were the surgeon is looking at it now all my friends are telling me no news is good news but me personally I can still feel period pain and hip pain also down my legs I don't feel like I'm better I just wanted to ask how long it takes for results ushally and is this pain normal I'm so scared to be examined again I suffer severe anxiety and Also diagnosed with bipolar deppressive disorder this is really eating me up I wish they would tell me straight there all pussy footing around me and won't tell me what this growth was or is I really need to ask if anyone had ever been through this a growth found what is it and why won't they tell me and why haven't I had my results yet are they waiting Intill I'm ready for more surgery I'm so worried please can anyone tell me straight and what might happen next why am I still in pain and a it embarrassing to say but the smell is back too I think everyone who has been through this knows what I meen by the smell please can anyone help or relate