Colposcopy results; diagnosed with HPV in 2007

I've had routine Pap smears for the past 13 years after being diagnosed with HPV, receiving LEEP procedure, and they've ALL come back normal.  Just had my first HPV Pap smear a few weeks ago, and it revealed abnormal: high risk HPV, negative for type 16, positive for type 18/25.  During colposcopy, gynecologist had optimism about findings, which was just one small lesion, of which she took punch biopsy.  

I'm relieved results are "negative for dysplasia," but here are my concerns:

Prior to colposcopy, I had excessive watery discharge.  Haven't noted it nearly as much, after.  Is this a good sign?  Could the punch biopsy have treated this symptom??


Just upon toileting, I noticed/felt a large, long globule of white-ish mucus, the length of my palm, easily.  No pain, other than that persistent sensation I've been feeling in right lower quadrant, which made me google appendicitis symptoms before all of this happened.  (!!!)


Doc gave me course of antibiotics, due to the acute endocervicitis, BUT: I haven't had sex in THREE YEARS.  The cervicitis can't be an STI.  I don't douche, nor use fragrant cleansers in my vaginal area.  I do use tampons, but I don't leave them in too long.


I read that cervicitis can be in later stages of cervical cancer.  But surely the colposcopy would have picked up on CC??????


Sorry for so much info.  This is my first post.  Thank you for any help/comfort!


- Strips of benign squamous epithelium, with focal acute 
- Fragment of endocervical tissue with acute endocervicitis. 
- Negative for dysplasia.

Source: endocervix/ECC

Clinical Information Your Valuehigh risk hpV  
Gross Description Your ValueReceived in formalin labeled with the patient's name, medical record number and ECC is a 1 x 1 x 0.2 cm aggregate of clear to cloudy mucous with minimal intermixed blood clot which is submitted in cassette A1.