Colposcopy Results - Confused

I rang my Doctor today to see if there was any chance my results had come through. The Doctor thankfully rang me back saying that my cervix had been really inflamed which is why they took so many biopsies. However there was nothing sinister lurking (yay) but that they are going to give me some antibiotics to try and reduce the inflammation.

I'm a bit confused as my smear test back back negative for signs of infection, which my Doctor actually mentioned on the phone. She just said to take the antibiotics and then I would need to come back for another appointment.

Have to admit I'm a bit annoyed that they are now saying it is infection when my smear was clear and during the colposcopy the Doctor said there didn't look like there was any sign of infection.

They seem to have skirted over the issue entirely as the Doctor mentioned there was something 'polyp-like' in my cervix and she didn't know what it was.

I've been trying to call them back to get an answer but no-one is picking up now...



I have to say, it doesn't sound to me like they've skirted over the issue at all. They actually seem to have been very thorough. Yes there is a polyp type thing, but your biopsies came back fine, which means that isn't anything to worry about. Cervical polyps in themselves are not unusual and are not anything to worry about. I know it can be stressful going through all of this, but you can be reassured by your results, which are good news! 

The reason they are giving you antibiotics is not because they are now saying you've got an infection whereas before they said you haven't. Medicine is not an exact science - it often depends on a process of elimination - the most obvious and common reason for inflammation of that kind would be an infection. Even though the swabs you had taken when you had your smear didn't detect any infection, in the absence of anything else going on it makes sense for them to give you antibiotics to see if that deals with it. If it does, then that in itself implies that you had an infection, and if it doesn't, then they'll want to see you again to try and find out why your cervix is inflamed. They have to try the antibiotics first because it would be silly to do further investigations, which might be completely unnecessary, without trying this first which after all could sort it out in under a week! 

I hope that helps reassure you. 

Love, Annabel. x


I just wanted to clarify that I don't have a cervical polyp, my GP thought he found one but during my Colposcopy the Dr said it wasn't one. What has confused me is that the doctor is still not able to identify exactly what it is. That is what I find confusing.

I had my smear test 2 weeks ago and had no sign of infection. My only sexual partner is my husband of 2 years so I'm not sure how I may have developed an infection so quickly. I understand the process of elimination via using antibiotics but I had hoped my Doctor would at least make reference to the polyp-like growth.

I appreciate you sharing your opinion but I would just like to point out that when people post on here they can be quite emotional and shocked and a scientific response can be hurtful. I don't wish to sound ungrateful but not everyone has full medical knowledge and some of us cant get the answers from our doctors. I hope all your health issues are in hand and best of luck with anything you are currently going through.




I can understand that iy can all get very confusing. 

Min know you've been trying to call back today with no answer but I'd say keep trying to get in contact with the doctor you saw at colposcopy. They are well used to having worried & confused women ring up to talk so don't feel like you'd be mithering or anything. 

I know my colposcopy clinic at my local hospital is only open 2 days a week so maybe that's why you haven't been able to get through. 

Did they say if they'd send you any report or anything through the post which you may then be able to read through & highlight areas you'd like more info on? 



Hi K, 

I am sincerely sorry if I have hurt your feelings. Obviously it would never be my intention to hurt anyone's feelings, and I am especially aware (of course!) of how upset and distressed people can be when they come onto this site. I can assure you that my intention was to try and help reassure you, and I am sorry if my answer came across as a bit clinical or sterile. It seemed from your post that your worry and anxiety was from the confusion that you were feeling about the medical aspect of things, and so I suppose I was trying to provide some clarity for you to help relieve your worry.   

I'm going to mention some other medical stuff now, because I genuinely think it might help, so I hope it doesn't come across as too clinical! Just to say, the smear (and any other swabs you may have had done at the time) doesn't pick up all possible infections. it's possible that you've got an infection that hasn't been detected. Like you rightly say, it's also possible that you haven't got an infection at all, but they do need to eliminate that before they go any further. Also, I completely understand about you mentioning only having been with your partner for two years, but there are all sorts of infections we can get that have nothing to do with sexual contact and which can cause inflammation. Also, as far as I understand it, inflammation can sometimes cause little things like the polyp-type thing that you've got, and I think sometimes if they deal with the inflammation, the growth goes as well. Again, as you say, it might not be down to any of this and might be something else completely, but I just wanted to mention those things because I thought it might help with the confusion. 

Please accept my apologies for upsetting you. I can assure you my intention on here would only ever be to help and reassure - sometimes it can be difficult when none of us know each other and you only have the written word and not the tone of voice to go on. I won't post on this thread again because I don't want to risk further upsetting you and I would hate to think I would be the cause of any distress to anyone, but I would like to wish you all the best and sincerely hope that you get everything resolved to your satisfaction. 

Best wishes,