Colposcopy results-Bad news

I got my results this morning after a week of waiting. Still in shock.

I have a mass on my womb and cancerous cells and precancerous cells. 

MRI has been rushed for this Sunday.  Treatment will be discussed by specialist team next Wednesday.


Any advice on how not to fall apart and remain optimistic would be really helpful? 

I'm only 32. No kids but newly married 


Thanks in advance



I know its easier said then done but try not to worry, you will make yourself over think probs not sleep and not eat ( this is what I do) which can make it all seem so much worse.

The mass could be benign, and depending on where the cancer and pre cancerous cells are they could be totally unrelated to the mass lots of women get fibroids 

I have everything crossed for you for your MRI on Sunday, if you could let me know how you get on im currently preparing my self for the worst while waiting for colposcopy appointment again im now onto my second lot of bad cells



Hope you don't mind me jumping on this I know it's been a month. I am going through a similar thing having had my colposcopy on Thursday (following high grade abnormal cells and HPV found on first smear in 11 years... stupid I know!!! ) after researching I went in expecting a lletz but the consultant said that he wouldn't be doing that. He took a biopsy (that bled an awful lot!) and said they would be done urgently. He didn't say the C word but said he found a mass and ordered an MRI as he said it will speed up the process. I had my MRI appt through the post today (Saturday) and it's for Friday. He then said he would meet with the team and decide the next steps...  

Its moving so fast which I am so so grateful for but I just feel like this must mean I have CC... but without an official diagnosis I can't seem to get my head around it all :(


is there a chance this could be benign and I'm panicking over nothing? 

like I said sorry to jump on this thread but your experience seems similar and I wondered if you wouldn't mind sharing your outcome. 

I hope everything went ok and wishing you all the best.


kelly xx

Just to keep you all updated  I have had a lot of appointments in the last week or so.

I have been staged at 2b with evidence in my ovaries so was given the option of egg collection due to not having kids yet but was advised it would be difficult due to one of my ovaries being severely diminished. Toughest decision I have made was to not proceed with egg collection and proceed with my treatment which starts on Monday 14th. 5 1/2 weeks of chemo (cisplatin) once weekly and radiation daily. I now have my "tattoos" and am ready to get this all started.

I will then have brachytherapy which will be arranged after.

I'm slightly nervous but eager to get started.

I wish you all luck in your journeys and will keep you updated xxx

Hi Kelly

My main advise would be don't Google. It made me lose so many nights sleep. It could be a polyp or a cyst.

If you want to reach out feel free to message me as it's easier to handle this when you have someone who has gone through something similar.


Do you know when you will be getting your biopsy results?


Michelle xxx