Colposcopy results awaiting MDT

I had my LLETZ procedure today FINALLY!! They apparently always take the whole transformation zone and it regenerates which i didn’t know!
I didn’t like the consultant but surgeons never have great bedside manner :woman_facepalming:t3:
But the nurses and anaesthetist were incredible and I’m sooo glad I had it under GA!
I’m not in too much pain right now but I’m on codeine and still have all the anaesthetic etc in my system.
How’re you doing?

Hello! Sorry I didn’t message you I meant to! I’m so glad you’ve had it done as last and you’re feeling ok. Yeah I didn’t know that re the TZ it’s crazy isn’t it. I feel good healed as far as I can tell it took about 4 weeks like they said. Have you started the new job? X

That’s okay! :slight_smile: me too, it’s a huge weight off my shoulders
Now I’ve just got the next horrible wait for my results
Aww that’s good I’m really glad! Are you back at work now?
I have, I started 2 weeks ago, it’s been super busy but that was good to keep my mind off things! I’m off now until next Friday and then can get another week off if I feel I need it

Yeah the wait for resists is horrible but I’m sure they’ll be all good :slightly_smiling_face: glad you’re feeling better and you can have time off to recover properly.


I only had a day off so all back to normal now. Let me know how you get on with your results x

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Hello lovely hope you’re ok? Any news?

Hey! I’m okay thanks, I seem to be recovering well which is good
Still no results yet
It’ll be 4 weeks on Tuesday so if they haven’t come by then I’ll give them a ring
How’re you doing?

That’s a good sign lovely mine took that long too and they’d be in contact early if anything needed addressing I’m sure! Glad you’re feeling good and recovery is going well. I’m good thanks feel back to normal anxiety has gone too thank goodness!! Until the test of cure next year of course :see_no_evil: x