Colposcopy results and colposcopy guided biopsy

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to ask if maybe somebody had/has a animal at expirience to mine.

I booked an appointment with gyno due to some irregular bleeding. During pelvic exam Dr did not like the fill of my cervix she said it's seems abnormal large and firm. She booked me in for urgent colposcopy and colposcopy guided biopsy. My smear was due (last one done just over 3 year ago and all clear ) so she also took smear test.

Durinb colposcopy examination she said she does not see any abnormla cell but she took loop biopsy and punch biopsy. I am not sure why she did both if she did not see any abnormal cells. She said punch biopsy was not sufficient and she needed to do loop biopsy too.

now I have to wait 3,4 weeks for my result which is just killing me I came eat or sleep.


smear is not back yet


had anyone had similar expirence ? Could your dr lie to to about what they see on colposcopy ? Why do 2 biopsies if no abnormal cells are found. Has anyone been diagnosed with cc with clear colposcopy ?


thabk you in advance 

Hi Milo 838,

Hope you are doing ok?  it's the first time i've commented on here but have been reading for a few days before my colposcopy to find out how other ladies in a similar position are dealing with their worries, and others experiences of colposcopy so i had some idea what to expect.

Your post resonated with me, as i had the colposcopy today, and the colposcopist also said she didn't think there was anything abnormal but she took 3 punch biopsies, so like you i am a bit mystified and worried too!

My history is...I've had bleeding and pain during/after sex, and a greenish discharge for about a year, and intermittent period like pain ( i don't have periods as i have the mirena coil fitted) my last smear in 2019 was normal, but it was really uncomfortable and the nurse said my cervix was inflamed and bled to touch. I'm a 51 year old lady with 2 grown up children, and I've previously had treatment 3 times for erosion/ ectropion over the past 15 years. 

Swabs for infections (due to green discharge) have all come back negative, and after a difficult pelvic exam the gynae said she thought it could be atrophic vaginitis, but was referring me on 2 week pathway for tranvaginal scan and colposcopy.

Had the scan last week, sonographer was surprised my coil hadn't been removed as with it in place he couldn't see the endometrium thickness, which is one of the important things he is looking for, gynae never mentioned taking the coil out?!

Had letter from gynae with scan results, show no abnormalities of ovaries or uterus, no mention of endometrium!

Colposcopy was a bit painful, but just gritted teeth and it was over in 10 mins, the nurses were fantastic, and i took paracetamol and ibuprofen beforehand which may have helped. I asked about HPV as i was not aware this had ever been tested for. She explained that i missed that being done, as it only became part of the pap smear tests from September 2019 and mine was done in August 2019, typical! 

Now a 2 week wait to see if biopsies negative, and if so i think they will diagnose atrophic vaginitis and it will be 3 months of topical vaginal estrogen. 

Hope all goes well for you too, I really hope you will post back on here when you have an update, and I will too. it really helps to share our experiences and see the final outcome for others in the same position.

Good luck and try not to worry, all we can do is take each day as it comes and keep everything crossed for a clear result.

Virtual hugs, Rosie xx


Hi Milo838

Hope you're doing ok, your post really resonated with me as i had my colposcopy yesterday, and the same happened to me, cervix and vaginal walls friable but said couldn't see anything that looked abnormal but she still took 3 punch biopsies? 

I am worried too, but I guess all we can do is wait stir the results now and keep everything crossed. i will post with any updates, and hope you will too, it's so helpful to share experiences with each other.


Take care and sending you a virtual hug xx