Colposcopy result

I just received the results of my colposcopy which I had done after 3 inadequate smears and lots of symptoms.

In the letter is says that the colposcopy was high grade and that the biopsy showed no CIN?

It also says in the letter that they are going to discuss my results in their next team meeting to decide the best future management plan?


I'm so confused and have no idea what this al means so I'm hoping that there is someone on this forum who has had the same and can explain this to me?

Also I'm still a bit worried even though it said no CIN because of all the symptoms I'm having such as discharge, bleeding in between periods and after intercourse, lower stomach pain etc.



Hey, I'm afraid I can't tell you exactly what that means but I had a smear after symptoms which showed high grade severe dyskaryosis, is that what they found? What did they say at the colposcopy? He could see mine quite clearly and did lletz there and then. X