Colposcopy referral letter says ? glandular neoplasia!?

Hi all,

I've delayed posting here but have definitely been reading the forum and have found great comfort in hearing about your journeys.

I had my smear test a few weeks ago (only a couple of months late) and received a call from my doctor a couple of days later saying that I'd receive a colposcopy referral as the results of the smear were concerning.  I was at the office at the time and was very caught off guard so I didn't really catch everything that she was saying but I came away thinking that she had said that they suspected CIN3.  She said that they do not suspect cancer.  This is the first abnormal smear that I've had in my life.

I received the letter from the hospital with the referral and the letter says 'The report from the laboratory showed a ? glandular neoplasia result.  This means that there are changes to some of the cells of the cervix.'  This letter has caused me so much anxiety because it has a ? in it...  what does that mean!?  Also, I thought that glandular neoplasia was not from the cervix but actually from the womb based on what I've read here and elsewhere.  Does this mean that the hospital has just sent me a template letter and hasn't taken the time to actually list what the lab tests show?

Also, I had a really bad break up about a month before my smear and since then my health seems to have gone downhill.  I've lost a ton of weight and I have a constant pain in my lower back and abdomen.  Of course now I'm worried that these symptoms could be linked somehow to the results of my smear.  The backache and weightloss were happening before the doctor's call but the abdominal pain seems to have only started following the smear.  I am struggling with this as I don't know whether it's phsychosomatic or whether there's something more sinnester going on.

It's been just over two weeks since I've got the call and I've been trying so hard to keep calm and avoid allowing the anxiety to consume me.  My colposcopy is in three days so not much longer to wait to speak to someone and hopefully get a little bit closer to some answers.

I had an appointment with the fertiliity clinic the day after I got the call from the doctor.  I had been investigating my fertility to see if maybe I should consider freezing eggs as I'm 36 years old currently and single.  I told the gynecologist from the clinic about the call that I had received the day before and she was very helpful and tried to settle my anxieties.  As part of the appointment I had a transvaginal ultrasound.  She said that the ultrasound is not the best way to detect abnormal cells but confirmed that my cervix and womb do not appear to have any obvious masses...  I think she was hoping that that would give me at least some short term comfort.

I'm trying my best to remain calm and as I discuss with friends and family I discover how many women have had this experience and have gone on to lead normal lives.  My fear I guess primarily stems from the lack of information that I have on my own health and medical situation as well as the ? in my referral letter...

Has anyone else ever received an NHS letter with a ?  What could it possibly mean?!  Does it mean that the results are inconclusive or that there's suspected glandular neoplasia?  

Really sorry for ranting here but tonight I've been letting my anxieties get on top of me...  




Feel so sorry for you feeling so worried.  I had a past treatment where they remove the abnormal cells (as a day patient) after a letter following smear test and visit to a clinic.  I recall my result saying CIN.  They numbed the area easily and did treatment removing the cells  - this was during a visit to the clinic, then all was well. Really hope you can feel calmer.  I  understand what it is like to panic after hearing test was not looking okay but they have to see patients as soon as they can in case they have to sort abnormalities, if that's needed - and they were so kind to me. I so hope you can rest and feel more at ease - I totally understand what it felt like to worry and keep thinking about this. 

Thanks Lesley.  I had my colposcopy today and LLETZ.  The Consultant was really kind and said that he got 3 small samples from the cervix.  He wanted to do a biopsy from higher into the womb but I was too upset and he said that they will schedule another appointment for me to have it done under general anaesthetic.  He said that would be easier for everyone.  I think I stressed the man!

He said that the ? glandular neoplasia is always query until they biopsy the glandular cells.  He's scheduled me in for another biopsy under GA and a transvaginal ultrasound.

He said that he treats women with my type of abnormalities all of the time and they go on to live normal lives and have families.  

I am not that excited about waiting longer for the next biopsy but I found the whole procedure very scary and I'm sure I wasn't the easiest patient.

Hi. I’ve received the same kind of letter and result on my abnormal smear. How did things go? What did it turn out to be?

Hi MrsSmith~  I've been confirmed CGIN and have since had two LLETZ procedures and just on my way back from a colposcopy.   

The Consultant said that he got a good sample during my biopsy under GA but the margins were not clear.  He did another examination but no treatment today, just a smear test from the outside and inside of the cervix.  He did say that he would treat if he needed to but I guess he couldn't see any reason to today.

The muti disciplinary team has decided to put me on a plan to monitor and manage.  My next test or treatment will be decided once we have results from this one today.

I have so much hope because I've really done my research and have spent the past three months on supplements AHCC, beta glucans and tumeric.  I also used made tumeric suppositoroes at home and have been eating lots of cruciferous veg and yoga.  I'm doing absolutely everything that I can to avoid anymore LLETZ recovery and to avoid losing anymore of my cervix.


I haven't yet had a family and I don't really want to lose the opportunity.  


The Consultant said fingers crossed for a good outcome on my smear test from today.  If I get the all clear then no more exams for a year.

I am so pleased to confirm that I've received the results from my colposcopy and smear test and have received a negative result and negative hpv result.  

I thought the likelihood of this outcome wasn't very good because my margins were not clear and I had HCGIN.  I would highly recommend the herbal remedies that I've been on to anyone healthy enough as I'm certain that this plan has helped me to fight this.


I'm signed off for another 12 months!