Colposcopy referral and really worried

Hi, I'm totally new to this site and just going out of my mind.... I think I'm driving my husband crazy too!

I first had some irregular bleeding in September 2014 when I missed 2 contraceptive pills, I assumed it was the missing pills that caused this and put up with the bleeding until after my period. Everything was fine each month until the feb 2015 when I started what seemed like my period around 4 days before I was due to finish the pill, I took another visit to the dr who examined my cervix which she said looked normal and healthy and also had ultra sound and swabs for infection taken which all came back fine and then had another clear month with no bleed. The Dr suggested I stop taking my microgynon pill and switch to cilest with higher oestrogen, I did this on March 2nd and after a couple of days I stafter having yellow/brown discharge and from then on it has been almost a daily mix of brown discharge and blood, I also experienced some blood post sex which is totally new. I call the Dr straight away who has referred me for a colposcopy and now I'm worried sick, everywhere I read my symptoms and having this procedure point towards cervical cancer. Haven't got my appointment through yet and I can't think about anything else.

I had my baby a year ago and have another 4 year old and never had any issues before. 

Try not to worry. the colposcopy is just for them to have a better look at your cervix. my appt was about a week after I found out I needed one so hopefully you won't have too long to wait x

Thanks for the reply And good luck with your results. I called the Dr again and she said the letter has been sent today and when I get it I just call the hospital to book the appointment, fingers crossed it's soon.