Colposcopy reault

Hi everyone

Could anyone please shed any light as to what this means in a letter I received today following my Colposcopy. The lady doing my Colposcopy said “I don’t like the look of that” when she was doing it.

‘There were acetowhite on all the columnar epithelium in the transformation zone’

The letter then said two punch biopsies were taken and results would be available in due course.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t know but… my thoughts are with you. You have my support. I’ll be doing a colpop in a couple weeks too. Stay strong, happy, and healthy - you can beat this

Theyre looking for acetowhite zones, they mean changes seem to have taken place on the cervix. The biopsys taken will be to look if the changes need treatment (cin 1 are usually left and monitored, but cin 2 & 3 are removed).

Hope youre not waiting too long for results. Mine came back in 2 weeks because they were worried. I have CGIN & CIN 3 so in for treatment on Friday xx

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