Colposcopy reassurance

Hi all

Thought I'd write on here to let people who may not have had it how the colposcopy is.

I had worked myself up so much about how it was going to go and what they would find.

In all honesty I worried over nothing!!!

The nurse was an amazing lady ....very calming and reassuring and explained everything wonderfully.

The procedure itself wasn't all that bad.

It's very much like a smear slightly uncomfortable but not painful.

I had a couple of biopsies taken and I did feel them was slightly more uncomfortable and i could feel a sharp scrap like feeling but lasted seconds

Anyone who's waiting for a colposcopy please please try to reassure yourself that the procedure really isn't that bad and only takes moments .....They can tell you there and then what they think (not an actual full diagnosis just their professional eye and opinion) so at least you can leave there with a little more info and a little more relief x

Good luck to all out there whatever part of the journey you are on xx 

Come on ladies we are strong fighters ....We can do this xx

Glad it wasn't as bad as you thought.  Fingers crossed for good results for you xxx

Hi I had my colposcopy last week and my biopsy results came back CIN2. 

im been discussed at a MDT so waiting to hear back from hospital x