Colposcopy protocol

Hi all,

I my fiance registered with a new doctor and went for a smear test on Tuesday.

The nurse started the smear but then stopped and called in a doctor.

The doctor told my fiance that she had to go for "an urgent Colposcopy" as there was a "possibility of cancer"

As you can imagine we are more than a little worried!

After two days, the hospital has not called to give a date for the colposcopy and when we called, said that they had not yet received the referral.

My question is regarding the timescales that doctors and hospitals use.

How long should it take to be notified of the Colposcopy procedure after an "urgent referral"?

Is it unusual for the smear procedure to be abandoned and instead given a referral?

I really appreciate any advice.





I know it's easier said than done but try to hang in there. In my experience and from what I've been told, a smear is merely an indication of any abnormalities seen in the cervix. If anything is seen, a referral will be made straight away for a colposcopy so a specialist can hopefully see more under the microscope and make a possible diagnosis or take biopsies if they are unable to diagnose there and then. Under the NHS, an urgent referral is two weeks maximum. My appointment came through quite quick, the longest part is the waiting for results but these are generally quicker for those who may have CC. I know it's easier said than done but try not to panic. If your other half has regular smears which have previously come back as normal, then hopefully if she does have anything serious then it can be easily treated as it will have been caught early. Fingers crossed for her. Hope this helps! The colposcopy clinic staff are always very helpful so don't be afraid to ring them every few days to see if they have received the referral yet. They might speed up the process by making an appointment over the phone rather than you having to wait for the letter.



Thank you!

2 weeks, that is the main thing.... just a little info makes things easier!

All fingers and toes are crossed.


Hi I work for the nhs, 2 weeks should be the maximum waiting time if 

Cancer is suspected.

Waiting is the worse bit. Like the comment above stayed try not to

Panic most things can be treated there and then on colopscopy 

Best of luck to your fiance