Colposcopy & pregnancy

Hi ladies I'm new here.  Got the letter saying I had high grade dyskaryosis on my smear on Monday. Colposcopy appointment through for Tuesday next week.  I found out at the weekend I'm pregnant again (very very early days - not yet 5 weeks).  Just wanted to hear any experiences of having a colposcopy when pregnant.  According to the web they'll still do the colposcopy but no treatment at that time.  Please advise. x


I've not been in this positon myself but i do know someone that has. They will do the colposcopy to have a look at the abnormal cells but they dont give treatment while your pregnant.

They will monitor you throughout your pregnancy to make sure the cells dont get any worse. You will then be given treatment once baby has arrived.

Hope this helps Xxx 


Thank you Simone that's pretty much how I read the information available on the internet.  Another worry to add to the early pregnancy ones!  Especially after a missed miscarriage in June! Thank you again xx

I had one at 16 weeks and will have another around 30 (also high grade cells) gyne was so lovely and reassured me lots. Didnt mention taking a biopsy just took a picture and said she'll see me in 3rd trimester. She also gave me strict instructions to enjoy my pregnancy! :)


Congratulations on your happy pregnancy news! Hope your first trimester goes smoothly! 

Thank you Clojo - did they wait until 16 weeks to do it for any reason? Unfortunately I don't enjoy any stage of pregnancy!  The early part because of several losses before 12 weeks and the latter due to pelvis and hip problems! But it's a means to an end! x

I had my smear done at 14 weeks soonest the nurse had an appointment after 12 weeks (had prev mild/hpv a year before but was advised was likely to go away on own and no reason to stop ttc) 

That came back high grade and colposcopy offered 2 weeks later. Just how the timing fell for me! 



Hi ladies me again. I had another colposcopy on Wednesday at 34+6 and it shows a "swelling" now on the neck of my womb (cervix). Anyone experienced this please?