Colposcopy , period, and supplements /biopsy questions

so I've had an abnormal smear and positive hpv.

a colcoscopy is booked for 13 July .

this is likely to be on day 6/7 of my period . Should I re book? 

i have began taking supplements for immune system , drinking tumeric , and using garlic suppositaries... some are anti coagulant  effect , should I stop taking before colcoscopy incase they do a biopsy, and if so when should I stop, and when should I resume? Do they always do a biopsy unless clear.

Silly question but.. when they are looking at the abnormal cells is that the hpv , or the effect of the hpv ? If abnormal cells go does that mean active hpv has gone? If you know what I mean .

How do I find out what hpv strain it is? Can they tell Me at colcoscopy ? Does he GP know?  do they find out the strain when they do the smear test? 

Do you need time off work after a biopsy , I have a physical , hot, draining job. Is this something s G P would write a sick note for. Or would the colcoscopy doctor? 


I thibk its the hpv what causes the cell changes. When i had my biospy i went sttaight back to work i work with children so am always up and down but i was fine. I also had llettz treatment ot was over the xmas period so was already off work but i woyld probs of booked maybr 2 days off just to rest.

As for the hpv i got told i had it that was 6 months ago ive changed my diet and starti g taking vitamins your body normaly does clear the hpv on its own. I am going back today for my 6 month check up so fingers crossed

All the best for today , wow you went back to work after two days I read about lots of women experiencing infection and heavy bleeding do I was concerned. 

I too have adjusted my diet and have been reading about arginine in food which helps the hpv.. so I'm back at square one now as it includes grains brown rice salmon and almonds... my staples ! 

Ive just got back and it was  just a normal smear so got to wait 7 weeks for results now..i bled a little on my smear and i did on my 1st one when i had the low grade changes so that worried me a little but i am hopin all is ok xx hope all is for you x

do you mean you have to wait 7 weeks for smear results x

Yes the nurse just did a normal smear..i thought it would be a indept colposcopy there and then which i was hoping for.. so now its the waiting game again x

What vitamins are you taking to help your body fight it?

Hi Melanie I'm taking cell defence, all the b's, garlic supplements, Trisha mushroom, olive leaf extract, oil of oregano , and been using garlic supposoitary , also having heaped teaspoon of tumeric and pinch of pepper nightly. I've also ordered some cats claw and echinacea.


It's the waiting that makes everything harder isn't it . 

I just want it done now.. get it over with . But then I would still have to wait for results too. 

sending best wishes Katy x

I wrote up this blog post about a woman who cured herself from cervical dysplasia naturally. She has a facebook group, and is very helpful. Good luck!

Thanks. Will look into those. I'm taking a multivitamin and increased turmeric and vitamin a and zinc