Colposcopy on Weds - starting to freak out!

Hi I am new to the forums.  Just under two weeks ago I finally got to the GP about a prolapse I have - my youngest is only nearly 11!  While doing the internal, she saw that I had some white spots on my cervix and my IUD threads are missing.  My smear in 2015 was clear.  I'm starting to freak out a bit now for a number of reasons.


In 2014 my mum went for a colposcopy or similar and they booked her in for a biopsy but within three weeks she died.  They said it had nothing to do with the procedure she'd had but the proximity of the appointment followed by an infection eventually leading to sepsis, worries me.


Could the white spots be a result of trauma?  When I had my coil changed a number of years ago, the clamp the GP put on my cervix slipped off (yes, that was one incredibly painful moment!!!)


I'm trying to convince myself of a million and other things it could be.


Sorry bit of a ramble but I haven't even told my family about my appointment.

I see your post is a little old now but I wondered how you got On? I'm worried about a white spot seen on my cervix during a routine cervical screening.... but I also have fatigue and uncomfortable feeling ... I'm awaiting further appointment to find out more... feeling very anxious.