colposcopy on wednesday nervous...

Hi Im new to the forum Ive been lurking past couple of weeks reading and now ill brave a post.

I had my smear taken on around the 9th of November and was called 2 weeks later and told they are abnormal by an administrator who could not elaborate much else but gave me an appointment for a colposcopy on the 10 th of december this Wednesday.

I have since received my results from my smear through the post
It says i have boderline to mild abnormal cells and positive HPV.

I know i should be calm and that i shouldnt stress but its easier said than done im a single mother of three children,

So my worry is this i have been experiencing deep period like pain and sharp pain in vagina when i cough even when not due on my period and checking my period calendar I,ve realised my period are not normal 28 like they normally have always been but vary for past 6 months that i have tracked between 23/30 days. I Also have experienced increased discharge which i thought was BV as my last sexual health test were all clear and i used to get alot from when i had coil in (i dont have one now)

Im so worried my mum had cervical cancer…and i know i wont know anything definative till i have the colposcopy but i havent been able to talk to anyone about how worried i am and i tend put on a brave face and just get on with things plus i dont want them to worry my close family and friends…but ill be honest im SHITTING MYSELF…

has anyone else experienced deep period pain in vagina and sharp stabbing pains irregular periods as well as abnormal smear and positive hpv??

Hi I too am new to this forum and I am bricking it as well. .... I'm 33 and I have not had a smear in the last 6 years ..  .about 6 weeks ago was getting a dull pain in pelvis which I went to my gp who said I need to do smear test which I did he also sent me to the hospital to get a ultrasound which they did and said everything was fine apart from a bit of free fluid on pelvis which he said is quite common......however the day aftwr I had my smear I started getting low back pains that comes and goes and dull pain in left leg.....I've Googled my symptoms and all that is coming up in now my anxiety is through the roof....I've been to a and e about 5 times not because of pain but because of my anxiety obviously the dull ache is their but not bad for me to go a and e.... I guess I'm just really scared .   I've had 4 ultra sounds 3 internals seen a gynacologist which she also did a internal had blood tests and every thing is coming back normal that have done 2 full blood count in the last 2 weeks and everything is fine but I'm so scared as I still have the low back ache the pain in pelvis has actually calmed down its more in back and left leg and somtines sharp pain in higher abdomen

However my smear test came back with borderline changes hpv detected and I'm so frightened as I've read that the smear is not 100% and now I have these symptoms I'm even more scared I have a colposcopy on the 15th and I'm so frightened

I'm not going to say please don't worry as u will, I went through it a few weeks ago and its still fresh in my head. The colposcopy isn't painful at all but I know its the results your worried about. Think you need to try and remember that mild/borderline changes are not bad and the smear has done its job picking them up early, sometimes they won't treat it as they can change back on their own but they will keep a close eye on you which is great. The nurses are fab, I walked in and was a crying wreak ( my sister died of cervical  cancer and I hadn't had a smear in 14 years) I came back as high grade changes. Iv got a EUA on wed as well so will think of you as well. Get the support of good friends, mine are being a life saver and you need support at the moment as its a emotional rollercoaster which I'm still on as well. I'm a new member on here as well and taking all the support through here that I'm given which helsbels has been great. Please post any questions and if you want to know more about the colpacopy please pm and I will try to give as much info as I can.

@Sarah777 I can understand your anxiety my son suffers from really bad anxiety and i think from what ive read on here googling is just like opening a can of STOP!! ive found reading this forum has hepled me a little in that sense but i am still really scared least we have each other on here so we dont feel like a bunch of pansies for being worriers lol..ill be thinking of you on the 15th. My son suffers from anxiety and i bought him some rescue remedy drops nightime and he says it helps a little and chamomile tea. i pop my kalms tablets lol when i get really stressed. @monster Thankyou so much for your response i know i have wonderfull friends and family but i dont know if its a single mom thing or what but i really feel i need to soldier this till their really is anything to report just gratefull for this forum and to be able to air my thoughts and know im not the only one....I,ll let everyone now how wednesday goes and ill be thinking of you all and you @monster on the 9th-18th...LOVE THE name!!! ..

Yes please do let us know how you get on, its a very emotional time and having good/bad days are totally natural :) I'm also a single mum and " monster" is my sons pony. He's a star not a monster at all but my son " Coby" couldn't say his name and monster stuck. 

All the best 

jo x

Thanks guys the support is great.....regarding the anxiety I've suffered from since I was little and right now it's at its peak I'm not eating because of this and I'm losing weight then I'm thinking I'm losing weight because I have the c word....I know it might sound silly but this has really taken its toll on me.. . . U said you haven't had a smear in 14 years and it came back high....that's why I think mine is not correct coz mine is borderline would have thought it would be higher then that considering no test in 6 years .......I really need help I'm gonna see my gp on Tuesday coz it's really getting on top of me my heart rate at the hospital was 126 so you can imagine 

I’m going to pm you love.

Hi jo

Thanks for the pm x

I tried to reply back but for some reason it wouldn't let me 

Annoyed coz I wrote a long message back but just wouldn't let me send 

But hey I appreciate you taking the time out to message me made me feel a tad better.....just a tad though lol 

I feel ever so silly coz I haven't even had a diagnosis yet and you've been through so much and yet u seem to be so strong I really admire your bravery x


I know exactly how you are feeling.  I have received exactly the same results as you and have had my colposcopy appointment today.

Its not the niceest of experiences but was over a lot faster than I  expected. The doctor and nurses were lovely but being scared out my mind I was a little abrupt and asked to just get it over and done with. I only had the acetic vinegar put on my cervix and it showed a tiny little section of abnormality which she believes is cin1 at the most and shouldnt need treatment. To be on the safe side she has taken two biopsies. My other half believes they only did this to put my mind at ease but i think its just good practice. It has put my mind at ease and helped me to relax but i think i will relax even more when the biopsy results are back. 

Some tips for wednesday. Take some painkillers half hour before your appointment the 2nd biopsy hurt like a bitch. Take some baby wipes and your own sanitary towels. If you are travelling by car take a cushion/pillow to sit on, on the way home. Good lucl  you will get through it. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Also your irregular periods sounds hormonal. Have you changed contraceptives? Maybe get your gp to check your hormone levels. My periods have been like this since i came of the pill to ttc number 2. Im waiting to have my bloods checked which will prob be next month now with all the stress.




hi helen

thanks so much for your tips i will be doing that defo …i realised 10 th is actually Thursday i will keep everyome posted and ve positive vibes to everyone !!!