Colposcopy on Thursday

Hi all, 

I received the results of my smear test just over three weeks ago as having HPV and borderline cell changes and have anxiously been waiting for an appointment for a colposcopy. 

on Friday I received a text from the hospital that I have an appointment this Thursday at 8 30am but I have not received any paperwork to go with it. I have tried to contact the hospital this morning and have had to leave a message. 

Just wanted to hear about people's experiences really. is it likely if they need to to do the LLETZ treatment they will do it there and then or do they usually wait and call you back in? Has anyone ever had a borderline result which had turned out a lot worse and needed more treatment there? And does anyone know whether you are allowed to bring anyone with you? I'm guessing not with covid rules but I'm worried if I have treatment I won't be able to drive after .
hoping the hospital contact me back or I will receive a letter, with my appointment being at 8 30 and the hospital being a fourty minute drive away I'm a bit stressed I will get lost and not know where I am going then I'll be even more stressed! 

Hi Crobson91, 

If it is obvious to them that they need to do LLETZ treatment, they may offer it there and then, but this will be an option. You would also have oppurtunity to book the appointment at a later date to have it done. Given backlogs of appointments, you would probably be better off and encouraged to just do it at the same time. Given your result is boderline, it is very unlikely they will do treatment there and then. I had a borderline smear, but slightly higher grade cells at colposcopy, ,but they still only took a biopsy then and wanted to see what came back (CIN1, so no treatment for me yet! embarassed). 

I wasn't allowed to bring my partner with me, but he was able to enter the hospital and wait in the cafe seating area - this might vary depending on the hospital! I know a lot of people are fine to just drive home by themself, but I was a little shaky after so was glad to have someone to take me home.  

It's a shame you never got the documentation sent to you so I have linked a similar guidance to the pamplet I got here:

PiColposcopy.pdf (

Hope this helps!


Hello, hope you're okay. 

Not sure if this helps.

I was given a cancellation appt so didn't receive a letter, just a phone call as they are trying to catch up on Covid backlogs.

If they did decide you needed treatment (as they may decide to 'watch and wait') I think you'll be offered option of treatment there and then or to make an appt to come back soon (that's what I was offered).

Re driving. I went by myself, and they offered me Lletz treatment and I decided to go for it. I think I was emotionally a bit wobbly but physically fine and no problem driving and also called into the shops for treats on way back. 

I didn't expect to be going and getting treatment so think it was more the shock of that than anything. 

They may decide for you just to do a punch biopsy rather than lletz, and I've driven home myself after those as well. We're all different though, but that's how I got on, along with taking lots of deep breaths. Nurses etc were all very nice and supportive so hope you're in good hands too. 

Take care and best wishes xxx




I had my colposcopy today, with them being able to see severe high grade changes and abnormalities. I opted to have the lletz procedure. It was a little uncomfortable as I was very tense and anxious (I have family history which makes me much more worried) but it was far easier and smoother than I expected. I didnt drive home but I did walk the 15 minutes to where my partner and children had parked. Other than a small amount of bleeding and some cramping I have been fine so far. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk more about it x