Colposcopy on Period

Hi all,
I had a smear test recently and have been invited to a colposcopy appointment as HPV positive and changes to cells. I’m due to be on my period on the date of the appointment and am unsure as to whether I need to cancel or not? I am very anxious about the possibility of something being wrong, so I really want to get the appointment out of the way, but also don’t want to skew the results and know I will feel (even more) embarrassed about the whole thing if I’m on my period while it happens.

My periods have been a little irregular recently and I’m worried if I change the appointment, I’ll end up on my period anyway on the new date… but equally, I don’t want to arrive and be told they can’t do what they need to and wish I’d changed the appointment.

I am a teacher so will need to book the day off work for it and will need to book that in asap to arrange cover and am unsure as to what I should do. Has this happened to anyone else? Google seems to give mixed advice.

Being a woman comes with so many challenges!

Thank you in advance for any advice anyone can give,

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I’d give the clinic a ring if you can to double check I was lightly (the start) on my period when I had mine and the dr wasn’t worried about it x

Thanks for your reply!
Thought an update may be helpful for anyone else reading in the same situation. I called and they said it would be ok if it was medium-light bleeding. I started my period this morning, the morning of the appointment so I went along anyway. There was quite a bit of bleeding but they didn’t fuss over it and were able to carry out the colposcopy and a biopsy.
Weirdly, I have stopped bleeding since the appointment. Unsure what that’s about!