Colposcopy on Monday with no letter



ive looked around the site and although really helpful it still hasn't answered all of my questions so looking for some answers or to hear other peoples experience. 


I had had my second routine smear two weeks ago and whilst at work yesterday I had a voice message left on my phone from the local hospitals colposcopy department informing me I have an emergency appointment on Monday. I called them straight back and they said I've had severe abnormalities and pointed me to this site. I've not taken the news well and have just been worrying. We were planning on trying for a baby in the new year and I'm thinking that anything could happen now. I need to shake myself out of this mood until I know what I have to deal with. 


Before looking at at this site yesterday I didn't really know alot about abnormal cells and grades of the abnormalities. The word 'severe' is what has caused me the most concern. On looking on the forum there are also other words alongside severe but as I have not got my letter I'm unsure of the exact detail at the moment. My questions are: 

Has anyone else had an appointment through so quickly? 

Is it usual to not have your letter? 

What are people's experiences of severe abn and what treatment or outcome have you had? 

What happens at the colposcopy? 

Did you take anyone with you to the colposcopy? 

Am I over reacting with feeling really afraid? 

if it's simple treatment has anyone had a baby pretty quickly afterwards? 


Any other tips, advice...anything really! Will really be appreciated 


need to shake myself self out of this fear! 


Louise (28) 

Hi Louise 

I got my letter advising of abnormal smear on a Thursday and an appointment would be sent for colposcopy. This arrived the same day and the appointment was for the Monday morning. So I can appreciate the shock you've had.

I went on my own to the appointment, I was very nervous but i can honestly say it wasn't  anywhere near as bad as i feared. Painless and quick, even the anaesthetic wasn't painful.  The doctor did the lletz and the cells were found to be cin2 but they got them all with the lletz procedure.

Emotionally, it was all very draining but I'm relieved now it was all dealt with so quickly. The worst time was waiting for the results.  This was a couple of months ago, I'll have another smear in a few months  (I think they check for hpv at that point, I'm hoping that will be clear too).

I hope all goes well for you.

lex x

Hi Louise,

im not an expert but I think once the smear comes back with cin 3 (severe) you have to be seen in the Colposcopy department within a certain timeframe.  Maybe with Christmas fast approaching they have slotted you in.

For me when I had severe changes, I attended the Colposcopy clinic where they had a look only and I went back for treatment but some hospitals do treatment there and then.  I was treated with Lletz in July and will return in January for a repeat smear.

Good Luck, keep us updated 

Tashie x

I had my first colposcopy this week - I did get a letter think it was about 8 days before the test. Try and not worry about it. I brought my friend everyone in the waiting room seemed to be with a female friend/relative my appointment was @ 9 and wasn't taken until near 10 so was nice to have someone to chat to. She did not come into the room with me nor would I have liked her to. There was the consultant,a nurse and am auxiliary already in there. I got s biopsy taken,I did find it uncomfortable they tried to encourage me to watch ehat the consultant was doing on the screen but I didn't. just waiting on results now! Good luck tomorrow 

Hi Lex, 


thank you for your reply. It's reassuring to hear your appointment come through quickly and they managed to remove  it all there and then. how long did it take for the results to come through? going forward then you have you're next smear and then if all is ok you just go back to routine check ups? 


Keeping my my fingers crossed for you for clear results! 


Louise xx

Hi Tashie, 


thank you for your reply. I am glad it's this side of Christmas. I've only had a day and a had of feeling fuzzy and that's enough for me! The appointment can't be quick enough, I just want to see what's going on down there! 


Is is that the norm to wait so long for your second smear? 


Thank you 



Hi Linda, 


thanks for the reply. My husband is going to come with me so I'm glad to hear I wont be the only one taking someone with me. So you didn't have any Lletz at your colposcopy then? 

Half of me wants to watch and half of me doesn't. Have you had an ETA on your results? Really hoping for the best outcome for you. 



Hi Louise,

i just wanted to comment as I’m in a very similar situation to you and at a very similar age. (27) I received a very vague letter saying my smear was abnormal, no results letter and then a message from an assistant at my doctors giving me the date of my appointment. My colpo was scheduled fairly urgently and in fact is tomorrow which is only 2 weeks after my smear Even happened. Apparently this can happen as results can take 4 weeks to come through but a referral will be made instatntly and pushed through the system a lot quicker.

I immediately worried it was something bad which is why it is so fast but a female colleague I confided in said she thought this time was due to standard 2 week NHS timeframe when high grade changes were found- which is what mine are. They will fit you in any slot they have within 2 weeks of the referral. With Christmas coming up I would think they may have to be extra cautious with making sure it happens within the deadline.

sadly I can’t help Too much with what the grading could mean. I’ve read all the online information and the only message I had from my gp was a very rude, curt and unhelpful response that yes this could mean cancer. HOWEVER I’m not telling you that to scare you just to explain why you probably won’t know more about the changes until the colpo. 

Having not had mine yet I can’t tell you much but a close friend of mine shared that she had the same exact series of events- severe result, colpo, biopsy confirmed high grade changes, she had the procedure within 2 weeks of this and she’s now happy and healthy. Sadly I’m still a worst case scenario kind of girl and her anecdotal input didn’t reassure me but I hope it can reassure others. 

I’m taking my partner too and like you don’t know whether i want to watch! Im leaning towards no as I don’t want to see something and drive my self mad speculating What it means. 

as for feeling afraid I totally understand that. In all honestly I’m terrified. Not so much of the procedure as i Had a really helpful leaflet but of what they could find. I’ve been a wreck, but I hope you’ve taken some reassurance from the lovely ladies here.

i think I noted yours is also Monday? If you want to message at all feel free as we really are in exactly the same boat! alex x

Yes they see you 6 months post treatment. 

Hi Alex, 


thank you you so much for your reply. Our situations seem very similar. I think the urgency of it all is what has freaked me out the most. Thank you for sharing your friends experienc, it's good to hear positive stories. I'm the same as you, feeling really anxious and negative about it all. Yes my appointment is tomorrow afternoon. 


Good of luck with yours...I hope it all goes as well as possible. Hopefully we'll both get some sleep tonight! 


Louise xx

Hi Louise. I’m glad hearing a positive experience has helped a little. Fingers crossed both our outcomes are as positive as can be too. I am also feeling negative and anxious and tearful still but I think that’s To be expected. Mines also tomorrow afternoon so I predict a sleepless night and a slow and dragged out morning but I’m trying to convince myself having the answers will be better even though deep down I wish I could just forget ignore and undo this whole thing! 

I wish you the the very best of luck tomorrow with your appointment and results!  xx

Hi hun big hugs for today hope all goes well


Like you i had a text message confirming my appt but as i was on holiday i had no letter, (my letter arrived on day of appt day after my hol)


Like you i had severe abnormal cells

I had LLETZ performed at the appt and biospies taken - biopsies came back as cancer (very small amount) and they are confident its all gone, but the margins werent lear for the CIN 3 cells, so this last thursday i had to have LLETZ performed again to remove. Waiting again on biopsy results now very nerve wracking time