Colposcopy on Monday. Nervous. (Children mentioned)


I've just signed up on here, so hope I’m posting correctly. 

I had a phone call from the hospital yesterday asking me to come in on Monday. The appointment clashes with work/collecting my little ones from school but the lady on the phone said I need to be seen ASAP. I’m surprised it’s all pretty quick 2 weeks from test to appointment, normally I’m very chilled but I think I’m subconsciously anxious as I can’t sleep and feel constantly sick. The letter I received say high grade dyskaryosis and may need abnormal cells removed, it doesn’t say anything about anything  serious plus the appointment is only 2 days away and I know I should enjoy the weekend and not focus on it too much as I can’t make time go faster and it’ll probably be fine . so anxious and just want to cuddle my kids and not let go of them. Just want Monday to be here already and be told everything is fine. I don’t know. Sorry if I sound like I’m being dramatic, just so anxious and don’t have anyone to talk about it to. 

Hi glitterinmyeye , you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t over Worry where all guilty of it and I also know the feeling of been scared about things when it comes to having children and paniking about things like this, I think the hospitals are just fast acting in general when it comes to abnormal cells they like to get them burned of asap I’d try not to over worry yourself tough because with a bit of luck you go in the hospital and they burn of your cells and that’s the end of that chapter no more worrying over it , I wish you all the best on Monday,  Melissa x x

Hey, I was booked for my colposcopy within 2 days of receiving my smear results. I was terrified and convinced hey knew t was something awful and hadn’t told me. I also have two young kids so convinced myself I was going to die (very melodramatic!!). What I didn’t know is that it’s fairly common procedure for them to see you urgently after an abnormal smear so they can assess and treat if necessary - it’s aftually a good thing. I have My 6 month follow up tomorrow and yet again I’m terrified and convincing myself of all sorts - I think (hope) it’s totally normal to worry like this but the sooner you have it done, the less time there Is to worry. Hopefully the nurses will be able to put your mind at rest a little as well x


Hi, thanks for replying. Really appreciate having someone to speak to about this.

Monday is here and I actually feel okay this morning. I think the anxiety was the not knowing (and possibly googling-I know, terrible idea) Also thinking about worst case scenarios etc has just reminded me of how much my children need me, I mean of course I’m their mum and love them more than anyone else ever could, but also I’m a single parent and have no family, so if anything were to happen to me, I literally don’t know what would happen to them. 

Now I know there is only a few more hours til the appointment and I am Confident everything will be fine. Will Just try and focus on work til I have to leave for the hospital.

Lpb, hope tomorrow goes well. 

Lots of luck for you for today as well! Having done this before you’d think I’d be fine with colposcopy but I’m just as anxious as the first time - more the procedure than the outcome strangely! good Luck! X

How did you get on glitterinmyeye? Hope it went well? Just wanted to back up the other post that high abnormal smears are to be seen within 2 weeks in the Nhs I believe so its just a classification system for booking but really helps for you (and me) to be seen quickly. 

I am going for my colposcopy on thursday and have had HPV for last 2 smears 2 years apart and this time have severe abnormal cells found having none previously 

good luck and hope you are recovering ok x

gitterinmyeye how did it go today? Hope it wasn’t too traumatic for you and you are relieved it’s over? X


Sorry, I meant to update Yesterday but fell asleep at the same time as the little ones, so exhausted. 

It all went fine, thank goodness.

I was seen on time. (The lady told me someone else’s appointment had been cancelled So they could see me, which was a bit scary to hear and I felt a bit guilty.) She asked some questions about periods/discharge etc (and didn’t seem too happy about my answers).She then explained what would happen at the colposcopy and what Might happen after depending on what was found. I was then taken straight to the other room.

The colposcopy itself was okay. Bit uncomfortable, I didn’t find it painful. There were 3 ladies in there all together, they were all friendly and chatty. I watched on the screen as she showed me what was what. There was an area which she pointed out as half new cells and half abnormal cells (it all looked exactly the same to me, but of course she knows what she’s doing and I don’t). She took a couple of biopsies (she took the biopsy then had to ask one of the other ladies if a pot that was open the whole time and in some random place was the correct one as she didn’t have her glasses :/ ) and that was that. I’ll have results in a couple of weeks she said. 

Sorry this is so long.


How did you appointment go? Hope it was okay x 

Hi Glitter,

I just wanted to comment that you are not alone in your thoughts. I have 2 little kids also and I go for a colposcopy on Tuesday and I have the exact same feelings as you. So much worry and fear..Google does not help at all! I'm going not from abnormal results but from symptoms. My paps have been clear but I'm convinced something has been missed and I've had it for years. I look at my kids and want to cry right now. Just know your not alone. I'm glad your colposcopy wasn't too bad, and I pray that your results will come back fast and with no serious issues. 

Hi Tonicgirl,

is that this tuesday, as in today? If so, hope you’re alright this morning and it all goes fine. If you see This let me know how you get on

It’s only been a week since the coploscopy And biopsy and knowing I have anywhere between one week (she said I’ll have results in a couple of weeks) and seven weeks  (I’ve heard it can take up to 8 weeks) to be told everything is fine is Hard. I just keep thinking of the symptoms I’ve been having that I’ve always ignored  that perhaps I shouldn’t have :/ 

Hi Glitter, 

Yes mine is today. I'm sitting in the waiting room right now actually. I'm nervous all round. For the procedure and what hes going to tell me. I've set myself up thinking it's going to be bad news. Thank you for asking after me. Its comforting to talk to someone who understands.

Also, I can understand exactly what you mean about the symptoms. That's why I am having such a problem because I believe something is wrong too and your mind goes to the worst place doesn't it. I've already diagnosed myself it's so bad! And to wait a few weeks more for results, I know that will be hard for me too. I'm here whenever you want to talk.  I hope both of us come out of this good! Xo