Colposcopy nothing to worry about!

Hi all, just wanted to tell everyone about my experience and maybe someone reading this mind will be put at ease. 

Im 28 and six weeks ago I went for a smear test. This was my second one I have had (the first one came back normal) came back with low grade dyskaryosis, to say I was shocked was an understatment. It said I was HPV +, I think I cried for about two hours. The fact that HPV is sexually transmitted made me feel dirty and started me thinking that my partner had not been faithful to me. He has been overseas for the last two year back and forth wugh work. 

But then I start googling what I had and came across this Forum was an absolute godsend. Some of the women on this have been amazing. reading there experiences made me realise having hpv is very common, 8 out of 10 people have it in there lifetime and your body will clear itself eventually. it also made me realise that it can lay dormant for a very long time in your body and I was silly to even doubt my boyfriend. It's not something to be ashamed of. 

Anyway i had to wait 5 weeks to get my colposcopy (worst 5 weeks of my life) I went on holiday three weeks ago and finding out about abnormal smear actually ruined it for me because i was so upset just wanted to find out what is going on.

So today was my colpsopay appointment and was very nervous about the whole thing. arriving at the hospital i had the best nurse. She explained the whole process to me and asked if I wanted to ask any questions. She explained all about hpv and the way it can change your cells to cancer. But it's takes YEARS for this to happen!!!! and as long I go for regular smears on time this won't happen As they treat the cells. 

Anyway down the the procedure, it just like a smear test. Nothing painful just a little uncomfortable. they squirt some liquid into your cervix which just feels a little cold. Then i had some biopsies taken which just feels like when they took my sample for my smeat test. Your just asked to cough and it's all done. 

It only took around 10 minutes, it's all lot scarier than it sounds when you get that letter through the door. I now just have to wait 6 weeks for my results. I'm hoping that I don't have to have letz but time will only tell.

so for anybody reading this who is worried please don't be, it's just a preventative measure to stop it from maybe turning into cancer in the future (It takes 10 years). i know the concept of waiting for your appointment for the colposcopy is awful, but don't lose sleep over it. It's nothing really that bad. And the best advice i can give is tell the nurse all your fears and ask the questions you want to ask. Write them down so you don't forget.

laura x

Hey Laura, 

id my colposcopy today! I'd my first smear back in march and got the results of abnormal cells that I had hvp and needed a colposcopy, it was the worst feeling ever,  I was shaking, crying reading the letter , and having to wait for weeks until my hospital appointment today has not the best, as I was thinking the worstfor the last few weeks it's was horribl.  So today I went, my boyfriend came with me I felt sick with nerves waitin, thinking why me, why does crap have to happen tonme, I didn't want to do i!  So the nurse called me in, she could see I was nervous, my legs were shaking! I couldn't relax them! Then she said the was tak a biopsy, I broke! I was trying to hold in crying I couldn't the other nurse was standing longside me  talking to me to calm me down! I just couldn't stop crying I felt sick to my stomach, but she finished and I was fine then as i just wanted to get off the seat , was told 3/4 weeks for results , so now i thinking  worrying about the results, I just seem to think the worst! 

Hi Lynda, well done on getting your colposcopy done. I feel your pain on how scary it was. the nurse told me to try and look on the positive side. 

i asked what she had found, and just like you she had taken a biopsy. She said that she thought I had low grade to moderate cell change, but they have to be sure by sending off results because if it is more serious it needs to be certain. I would rather they be more right than let it get worse three years down the line. 

Try not to think the worst I know its hard but if your cells come back sevre its treatable.

Hang in there my dear