Colposcopy no symptoms

Hi, I’m new here. I’m 57 post menopausal and I’ve been really stupid. I haven’t gone for my last few smear tests. No excuses, I always had something more important to do and then forgot about it. I had a CT scan recently which showed a bulky cervix and so had internal and external ultrasound. Went to see a gynaecologist for the results and she said ultrasounds were fine but she would do a smear test while I was there (no escape). It was really painful and she said that she could see some ulceration and bleeding and now I’ve got an urgent colcoscopy on Friday. I have had no obvious symptoms so hoping it is just my age, maybe cervical erosion?? I feel so stupid for missing important health tests like my smears and afraid now I’m paying for it.

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Hi. You are not the first or last person to be “stupid” As you say life gets in the way and its not on top of the list to get done. I was also stupid,but i have come through,i’ve now been clear of cc grade 3 for 16 months. Besides you don’t no the out come yet,so get the colposcopy a out of the way,then take things from there. It does look bad,but it can come back as something else. I have my fingers crossed for you. So good luck and do keep in touch through this forum,there are some good people on here who can really help you. Xxxx