Colposcopy Next Week - Scared as smear was very painful

Hi all, thank you in advance for any advice you can all give to put my mind at rest!


I had my first ever smear 3 years ago at 25, when the nurse took the swab in my cervix, I bled quite a lot, enough to need a sanitary towel afterwards. However, on this appointment, the nurse simply said my cervic looked a bit red, and mentioned something about 'you can get that sorted if you like', but being as anxious as I am I was just like 'I'm ok thanks!' and scarpered! My smear came back all clear.


I've just had my second ever smear just over two weeks ago. Again I bled and the nurse commented that my cervix was very red and inflamed, so she referred me to the GP for a second opinion. 


Less than a week later I had a GP appointment and she again commented that my cervix was very red and inflamed, but on this occasion when she tried to take another cervical swab it was unbareabley painful. I'm not sure if this was because I was nervous and already anticipating pain, or maybe my cervix was still a bit sore after the last swab being so recent. The doctor didn't manage to take the swab, but she has referred me for a colposcopy next week under 'urgent' but in the appointment she mentioned it was just to be safe.


I don't have any other symptoms of anything - totally normal periods, no discharge or bleeding, im on the pill, only thing I could say is i've always had a little discomfort during sex, ever since I started. No bleeding, but it's usually uncomfortable and painful unless I really, really relax. I had the first HPV vaccine in school too.


Doing some reading, I think maybe I have cervical ectropion. I'm glad they've referred me as I'd like to make sure, but I'm freaking out about the colposcopy as my smear was so painful.


Has anyone also had an extremely sensitive cervix and had a colposcopy? Was it painful? I'm panicking quite a lot and knowing no one can go with me is making the anxiety worse. It's honestly only the pain and the idea of any needles that's making me fear this, which I know is irrational, but hey!


Hello I found colposcopy less uncomfortable/painful than some smears I have had. The colposcopists and their team are experts in their field and I think it makes a difference. I found waiting for the appointment much more stressful than the appointment itself. I hope this helps! You are doing the right thing for your health.

A x

I found the colposcopy better than a smear. I was much more confortable at the hospital with the consultant gynae than the nurse at my doctors. I had the dr and a student, a nurse there to assist the dr and a hca whose job it was to chat to me and keep me comfortable I think. Just try and relax and know that they are there to help. Just be aware they may take biopsies so you may have to wait for these results to, I never anticipated that and thought I'd either be told all was ok or they would do some treatment then so the wait now is horrible. If I'd known I'd probably be ok. Hoping for a good result for you which I'm sure it will be.

Hey kp- from all the reading I've done I think it also sounds like you have cervical ectropion but of course only a DR can confirm that. 

I don't mind the smear and don't find it painful but I had my colposcopy done on Monday and found it more confortable than initial smear.

My initial smear was at GP surgery with a nurse. Laying on flat bed, feet together, knees apart.

The colposcopy however was in a seat with an angled bottom, you put your bum right to the tip of the seat and your feet go into these little metal loops. It felt a much more natural position.


I'm a panicker myself so the only advice I can give you, which you had already picked up on during sex is to relax as much as possible! The more you stress the more your cervix seizes up which will make it more painful for you. 

The nurses at my colposcopy were so so lovely, chatting to me about my work, asking me questions to take my mind off the task in hand. I hope you get as lovely nurses as I did as that will really help! 

Good luck I hope it all goes well for you xx