Colposcopy Nerves


im 23 years old and 8 weeks ago I had my first colposcopy, I'm still awaiting the results and am feeling very anxious after a few comments the nurse practitioner made during the procedure.

before the colposcopy took place she told me my smear results were borderline and the only probable reason that they had sent me in for the procedure was because I'd previously had three 'abnormal cells, borderline changes' smears since 2009.

During the procedure she remarked 'oh the cells are changing quite rapidly, I can see that with my naked eye.' - when I questioned her further on this she told me 'not to worry too much' and that we'd 'cross that bridge when the punch biopsy results' were back.

She also told me that from what she could see I would almost certainly need a LLETZ procedure but seeing as have uterine cervical stenosis, it would probably be better for me to have this procedure done under GA whilst I have other scheduled surgery (I'm awaiting laparoscopy see and treat procedure for endometriosis, polycystic ovaries and repair to a tear in my left Fallopian tube) however as I  was told yesterday there is a 'severe backlog in the lab' and they couldn't tell me when my lab report would be authorised.

I'm extremely worried about the rapid changing cells remark and am wondering whether this long delay will have affected my results.

I'm feeling confused and frustrated, has anyone else experienced this sort of thing?

Fi xx

Hi Fi,

I think 8 weeks waiting for biopsy results seems a bit long and if I were you I would chase it up to find out where it is at. I think the norm waiting time quoted is 4 to 6 weeks so you are well over that now. I had a colposcopy+biopsy and my results were not good, I got them about 3.5 weeks after the colposcopy. However, I have since been waiting again for varous tests so don't panic that things are changing radically over the last eight weeks - it seems that the medical folks are not too concerned about a certain amount of waiting around. Do chase your results now thoiugh as it is time your mind was put at ease or that that you know what you need to do next.


Thanks so much for replying.

I've been badgering them for my results for the last 10days and was told quite bluntly today by the clinic receptionist 'you're in the same boat as everyone else and will just have to wait' - Charming eh?

Ive spoken to my practice nurse and she has written to the clinic to chase it up!

I'm sorry your results weren't good and I hope your other tests are better! She told me during my punch biopsy that I would need a LLETZ but as I have stenosis and found the whole process very uncomfortable they would wait for biopsy results before doing the LLETZ as I need to have it done under GA.

I think I'm just finding the whole process frustrating now.

All the best with your other tests.