Colposcopy - My story

Hi I am new to this forum but I found some great support on here. It eased my worries so I hope I can ease someone else's. On the 21st Nov 2016 I had my smear. I got the results within 7 days followed by a letter that stated I had High Grade (Severe) Dyskayosis. The letter stated I needed to call within 3 days to make an appointment. I didn't even get a chance. On the 5th of Dec I was in for a colposcopy. I was scared as it was so quick. I was so scared. I had never had this so I was looking online and watching YouTube. BAD IDEA. It made me worse. (Even when I was with the Dr today she told me that one half of what you see on there is not true to the NHS and I should ONLY look on NHS approved sites - this one was on the list.) So today I was in having the procedure and was petrified. The doctor was amazing and explained to me everything. The vinagar was applied and the Dr asked me did I want to see it. I looked and was surprised that it didn't look as bad as the pictures on the internet. She then said "I can remove this now straight away." Now I was scared. I did not want to wait so told her to do it. She gave me an local and it was ok. Was quick. Then she said she was doing a loop procedure to remove the problem cells. My friend was with me and watched it all on the screen. The Dr said it would take 10 seconds and she wasn't joking. It was uncomfortable almost like a slight contraction but was over so quick. ( I am not good with pain, so it couldn't have been that bad) She said this would be sent to the lab but it appears she took it all. (Of course never I guarantee I understand that) Following this I got a letter to take home saying I would be called back for a smear in 6 months. Also my results would be back with my GP. To say I am glad this is over is an understatement as I was so afraid of the whole thing. Yet now if it happened again I would not be half afraid. If this only helps one person who is as scared as I was about the procedure then I hope you are more at ease.