Colposcopy - Moderate Changes (high-grade)

Hi All,


Last tuesday I got my test results from my smear test. It came back as High Grade with moderate changes. I am worried and i am looking for someone who went through something similar.... After the colposcopy did you get a higher grade - severe?

After the treatment did they manage to remove all of the abnormalities ? 

This was my first smear, i have been putting it off, I am 26 and.i was completely surprised when the results came in. I don't know what to expect.... And the wait drives me mad.



I had the same smear result as you. It came as a shock, I live in Wales so it was my 3rd smear at the age of 26, I had no 'symptoms' or reason to think this one would be different.

So, the colposcopy invite was a huge shock! I was in complete worry for a couple of weeks.

luckily I managed to get a cancellation so didn't have to wait too long. On arrival at my colp appointment, I was so scared but the gynae consultant was lovely and put me at ease. They explained my smear results and told me the differences between all of the changes.

when she was looking she told me she could see changes but thought they were low grade not moderate. She took a biopsy and told me they will discuss at MDT. A couple of weeks later I had a call to say they decided to leave me 6 months to see if it cleared itself. the biopsy showed nothing so they don't think they got a representstive sample and disregarded it.

ive got my 6 month review colposcopy in 2 weeks time and hoping for the best. 

Hope this helps. Good luck. 

Hi I wasn't told anything after my smear only had hpv and I had the colopscopy done and got a bit of a land when they said cin111, had the lletz done 3 weeks go today and still waiting for the result, 


Thank you for your response as I am feeling as I'm loosing it... I was strong for the first week now I feel like I can't handle this wait anymore.

Candlelit I'm so glad for you it turned out to be only low grade changes. To be honest I hope for this result very badly. 

The worst is that it takes you as a surprise. I had no symptoms too, sometimes the sex was a little bit painful but I didn't even connect it to anything. But no bleeding or spotting between the periods. 

Please update me on your results in 2 weeks and I will cross my fingers for you that it all cleared itself!


Mandy i hope your results will come back fine! Hopefully they will arrive soon so you don't have tone stress for much longer 

The waiting between it all is terrible, did u get ur appointment yet ? 

Hi Mandy,

I haven't... I was referred by my doctor last Tuesday.  Today I called to the hospital and they have not even received it yet! Apparently it might take up to 12 days...?! I'm not sure if that true.... 

How long did you wait for the appointment from the day of your referral? 

When should you receive your results? I can see you had colposcopy 9th of May. It's almost a month soon, so I would believe very shortly ?

When my doctor send the letter in after my smear I got the letter the following week and the colopscopy done 2 weeks later I had the results 4 weeks later with a date for a week and a half later for the lletz and it will be 4 weeks Tuesday coming and still no result, I think I'll ring them in the morning and see if I'll be waiting much longer because I'm going out of my mind, I don't think u will be waiting much longer for your appointment 

Rang the clinic today they had my results I collected them rather then wait for the post "no abnormalities found" appointment in 6 months time again phew 

Mandy i am very happy for you! I hope you will be clear from now on. 

I have rang colposcopy department on Friday too. They finally received my referral and apparently will be writing to me shortly.... I just want to have it all over with! 

Hi Daria,

I had CIN3 10 years ago and had a Lletz which removed all the cells. The lletz confirmed what the smear indicated and it was all very straightforward. I completely understand why you are worried but the colposcopy will let you know what you are dealing with. CIN is very treatable and the treatments are very very effective.

Chin up x

Hi Tigger, 

Thank you for your support.  I really hope it's only CIN... and not cc. I have days when Im good and positive and today I made a mistake in going to the "newly diagnosed" part of the forum. And of course I'm panicking... I think the worst as I had contraception implant for last 3 years. And it could as well mask all the symptoms.... 



i hope u won't be waiting too much longer, I know what you mean by getting it over and done with wishing you the very best keep me updated xx

Hi. I'm new here. I'm going through similar to you at the moment. Got a letter saying moderate high grade, and a couple of days later and appointment for colposcopy, I suffer with anxiety anyway so have been terrified about  the whole thing. I had my colposcopy and lletz on the 24th may,and now waiting for results. X

Hi Katy,

You were lucky to have your appointment so quick. I only have mine on the 14th of June.  

Did they take biopsy too? I know what you're going through ... this side helped me a lot. It is terrifying. But as you can see so many of us have this problem and only small percentage turn into cancer. Keep us upda ted with your results. And I will try I wait patiently for my appointment...


Mandy, I got my letter today. Date for colposcopy 14th of June.  A bit nervous butility happy to have a date finally. How is everything with you??

Aww I'm delighted you got your appointment that's fantastic news, not long to wait and try not to be nervous the taught of it is way worse then it really is and will be over and done with before you know it, will be thinking of you keep me updated x


I actually got a call today if I can come for colposcopy tomorrow. From one side I'm happy... and scared. Why was I rushed for colposcopy so quick .... oh well at least I will find out half tomorrow. 

I will keep everyone updated and post my thoughts about colposcopy for the ladies which didn't have it yet 

Don't worry they might of had someone cancel the appointment and your better off getting it over and done with, wishing u the best for tomorrow well it's today now, will be thinking of you xxx

Hi Mandy,

First of all thank you for your support during that time xx


I went for my colposcopy today. Once they got me set up (i refused to look at the screen :P) they put some liquid inside and the first what she said was "ohh it actually doesn't look as bad as the smear test showed!". I got so realived. It was a little painful, but nothing worst than smear. 

At the end she said it doesnt look like it is high grade so she will wait with the treatment until the biopsy results come back. To be honest that is the result i was hoping for!


Aww Hun I'm delighted for you and I did the same I didn't want to see the screen, hooe your doing good after it, sou so so good that she doesn't think it's as bad that's just brilliant and so sorry for the late reply house full of sick kids lol, lets hope u get ur results fine and quick now as well xxx


glad you had the result you wanted.

fingers crossed for your results :)