Colposcopy & loop biopsy today


I'm after some advice.i had my colposcopy today & loop treatment was done at the same time.consultant said he took away 2 areas & tissue of 1cm deep & 3cm wide..hie said this is consistent with severe duskariosis & he doesn't think it's cancer but I am out if my mind with worry!does anyone have any experience of this??i have always attended for regular smears & my result in 2013 was normal I am terrified waiting for results & keep imagining the worst.lots of love to u all xxx

I'm sorry I meant my result in 2010 was normal!!x

Boo, the waiting really is the hardest part of ths whole thing and your own mind/imagination can be your own worst enemy and I am speaking from experience. At my first colp I had a huge area of cervix removed and the atmosphere the staff were giving off made me feel they were very concerned despite a very reassuring doc, he also said despite it being severe he didnt think it was cancer. Which of course I didnt believe!! I guess they are eyeballing cervical abnormalities all the time and are fairly good at judging what they find, of course there are times when they get things wrong or miss things but that is the point of the lab tests right Wink

You can tell from my timeline that I have had a bit of rigmarole since then and the one thing I have learned through all of this is not to expend huge amounts of emotional energy trying to second guess what results might show, mine have thrown up suprises more than once. Now I am of the opinion that I conserve my energy to deal with whatever the results show. At first I spent endless hours obsessing and googling about risk factors and statistics...not advisable...that way madness lies!!

In all likleyhood your treatment will have been successful and wont show cancer, or course there is a VERY small possibility that wont be the case and in the unlikley event that happens you will need all that energy you are currently putting into stress and worry. Try and keep yourself distraced and busy until your results come in and maybe treat yourself a little bit too.

Let us know how you get on