Colposcopy & Lletz

Hi Girls yesterday I had my colposcopy im not sure what to think it sound like most had really nice consultants. I had a indian doctor who didnt introduce herself, didnt explain anything she ignored me when the nurse told the doctor that i was nervous, i was so nervous i was shaking after they kept 20mins sitting on the bed with the gown on. She ploughed straight in luckily the nurse was telling me what she was doing. Before i went into the room the nurse asked me if i was up for treatment that day i said depending on how it went and how i felt. 

i was able to watch the screen and could see the white cells as far as i know i have know I have moderate abnormal cells! The nurse said that i would need treatment and would it be ok. I said no as i was so nervous and not a clue what was going on and rather have treatment under general. the doctor was still down the other end still not saying anything. I was then told to get dressed and to go out through a different door. 

The only question i asked was when was I likely to receive the letter i was told by the end of the month. im not even sure what treatment im having i presume it Lletz slightly confused about it all xx

Poor you. That sounds like a rubbish experience  It really upsets me that a handful of doctors think that it's ok to treat people this way.  I understand that it's a day to day occurrence for them but surely she could see you were upset! 

If I were you I would ring the ward to speak to one of the colposcopy nurses and get some clarification on what's happening.   

i had a similar negative experience but with a GP - I had a think about it and gave them feedback.  I understand it's not always easy to do this especially if you will be having further treatment under the same person but I hope that this perhaps would make them consider their bedside manner a bit more!!

Best of luck

Thank you Jane101 for replying :) i had to go to breat clinic last year and she ws such a lovely doctor She took all my notes was totally nervou and she understood that she convinced me to have a cyst drained and 5 biopsies from another lump. If i had her yesterday i would have gone through anything. 

I was thinking that if i complained now that the doctor I had yesterday would be doing the Lletz when i was under general, things started to play in my mind but I will going back to my GP and saying what i felt. I had no convidence from a doctor that didnt aknowledge me. Im hoping everything will be done under gerenral and wont now anything. The support on here is fab xx