Colposcopy & LLetz whilst pregnant?

Hi everyone, 

I'm new to this site and was hoping I could get some light shed on my situation.

My smear test result came back last week with some abnormal cells at a high grade level, I'm due in the hospital on Wednesday for a colposcopy exam and believe that I may be having the Lletz treatment To remove the abnormal cells. As of yesterday I have found out that I'm now pregnant! (First child and I'm newlywed and have been trying to conceive). 

my worry is if the treatment will affect my pregnancy? Has anyone been in a situation like this? 

If this topic has already been discussed I apologise as I couldn't find it.

thank you! 

I think you need to tell whoever is doing your colposcopy that you are pregnant. I had to have a pregnancy test done before mine cus they do not do biopsies on pregnant woman so early in the pregnancy because it can cause miscarriage.