Colposcopy lletz treatment

Hi everyone new to the site just had borderline smear result with hpv positive went for col found some abnormal cells had lletz done cells removed doc said will send results if cells in letter told me everything else clear will see me in 6 months for smear I’m 49 btw was worried about biopsies of cells removed can they come back as cancer? Or cn1/2/3 just anxious about the whole thing many thanks and sorry for rambling

They can come back as cin123 or cc. Most come back as a degree of cin so don't worry too much

HI Lyndsay  many thanks for the reply very kind of you just bit a confused by the whole thing like if my doc removed the abnormal cells but my results come back cin1/2/3 or cc are they not away or then do i have to go back for more treatment? 


thankyou again for taking the time and gl also xx sending hugs