Colposcopy, LLETZ and Insertion of mirena


I am 2 days post op from the above procedures. The reason for me having them is endometriosis and adneymosis which was diagnosed 6 months ago. My endometrium is 10mm thick ( I should have been an urgent referral and wasant) 

I have suffered with disrupted bowels and severe abdo pain for a long time. Found sex painful and overall it has had a big effect on my well being. They started with colonoscopy which showed I had some inflammation in my bowel otherwise clear. They then agreed to the gynae tests which I started off with an internal x ray which found the endo etc. 

I have had 2 children ( both healthy) and am 37 years of age. 

My main question is it normal to have severe cramps after the above procedures that I have had? It should have been a laprascopy under general anaesthetic but they booked it in wrong and offered me local to which I agreed to try, but if could not tolerate the pain they would have to book me in for general. I managed to get through it but can’t even begin to say the pain I was in after. 


The surgeon found I had a weakness to the opening of my cervix and some small growths. He burnt the growths off after doing biopsy’s. Then they inserted the coil. 

He said everything appeared to look normal ( fingers crossed) I just wondered if anyone has had the 3 procedures in one under local aneathestic and your symptoms after. 

Post op I was told to see GP in 6 weeks, May expereince a little bleeding and that was it?? 

Thanks for any comments in advance xx

I had a LLETZ and the mirena put in at the same time. It’s been a week. I’ve had light cramping (similar to a period). I don’t have endo - nor have I ever had severe cramping. My pain has been very similar to a normal period, with the absense of an actual period. I’m not seeing my gyno until June 21 as she wants the mirena to have time to settle in. 

Ive heard it’s very hit and miss with the mirena. I had to take tramadol immediately after the operation as the cramps were that bad but they settLed down before i left the hospital. Nurse said it’s common with the mirena.