colposcopy Leep/Letz

I had a smear in 2019 Hpv postive but normal cells , then September 2020 smear showed HPV but inadequate sample so went for another smear  in December 2020  which was Hpv positive and abnormal cells borderline/cin 1 so I had a colposcopy yesterday but because I am in perimenopause stage and they found  I have cervical stenosis (closing of the cervix) so they could not examine the cervix properly so they did a leep lelz procedure biopsy so they can see if I have any pre cancerous cells further in. When they put that vinegar solution on my cervix edge they could not see any cin 1. Has anyone else had to have a leep procedure due to stenosis? Also could the cin 1  have not been seen because of the stenosis ?