Colposcopy... Lazer... Now LLETZ and top hat


please allow me to talk about my sister's new cervical cancer

Stage 1... I don't know which stage 1 it is, she was too upset to take much in


She's having a LLETZ and top hat late evening Christmas Eve she is 36, which is one good thing for this dx

But she is a chronic alcoholic has had HPV,

She smokes averagely 

Is quite fit and good normal weight.

She's suicidal and planning to drown if cancer spreads, she is self injuring severe as I've ever seen

I've been looking at stats very worried

Hello cloud dog, I am so sorry that you sister finds herself in this position, she is fortunate to have a sister who is so concerned about her. Stage 1cc is usually very curable & hopefully there is no spread. May I suggest (if you don't mind me doing so) that you contact McMillan services , they are very helpful, & tell them of your sister's issues with alcohol & self harm. This is a huge worry for you to cope with alone. I will pray for both of you in the days to come & send all best wishes & warm thoughts. Take as much care of you as is possible in this difficult time & keep us posted. Xx


I just want to wish you and your sister every ounce of strength and support. You must be a truly wonderful sister to have! I echo what Celtic Girl says about Macmillan - fabulous people!

Huge hugs



Thanks for getting back to me

And for your care and for your suggestion

Thanks for your post and your care

Hi hon,

another Macmillan fan here! My cancer nurse organised some counselling for me which began within a week and was very valuable. I have stopped as I had my surgery but planning to go back as soon as possible. Do ask.

Molly xxxx