Colposcopy, Large Loop Excersion and Biopsy

Dear all, 

I'm feeling very confused and extremely worried and I'm hoping that someone has had the same experience as me?

Had my smear on the 19th June letter received to say they found abnormalities and I need a Colposcopy had this on the 18th July (2 days ago) Dr had taken images and said that he needs to use the Large Loop Excersion(still confused with this treatment?) Anyway he then said he needs to take 4 biopsies. 

After the procedure I got dressed and he sat me down and said that he was very positive that I have cervical cancer but he needs to send my biopsies to confirm this. He said unfortunately I have to wait 2 weeks for the results. Appointment has been made for 4th Aug. I feel in disbelief right now and very scared. 

After I spoke with the doctor. The support nurse spoke with me and said that when your results come back and confirm the cancer I will need a hysterectomy. 

I've been looking on the internet for similar stories to mine and trying to hard to get piece of mind but I know I have to wait for the results, but if the Dr was unsure surely he wouldn't say "he was positive that I have cervical cancer" ?? Or is it a case that they know when the see it and he's preparing me for the worst? 

Has anyone else been through this? 

All comments welcome. 


I don't think I'd jump straight to hysterectomy. I know we are doing it in our own cases. BUT! My advice (for whatever it is worth):  The DOCTOR did NOT say the H-word. Ignore the nurse. He said you would need a procedure that I'm assuming is LLETZ. A large percentage of the people on this board have had that. Maybe take a few steps back and focus on learning more about that process for now? I'm not sure if that helps any.