colposcopy, large erosion, biopsies taken and heavy bleeding

Hi there

I am hoping someone could help me see something positive in this.....or relate in some way?

My letter said high grade dyskeriosis......confirmed as 'moderate' changes today (smear result that is)

just had my colposcopy this afternoon....i was hoping I would feel better but I really don't. I have a large angry inflamed erosion (told 'probably' related to birth of daughter 6 months ago)......she says she could see the abnormal cells around it but they had been pushed to the side. I bled heavily on the first biopsy and it took her 10 mins to stop it.... silver nitrate was used.....not sure of she used on my erosion too or if she took biopsy from erosion?). She wanted to take 4 biopsies but appeared to take more 'snips' than that?? Isnt a punch biopsy just one piece of tissue?? She says I may have to come back for more biopsies as she couldn't get to them all due to the erosion pushing them out the way (and also not to read anything into this, just that more treatment might make me bleed and she wanted the area to recover before doing more!)...... she also gave me 2 lots of antibiotics to clear the erosion.....

for some reason I am struggling to reconcile with this heavy bleeding biopsy.....I am absolutely petrified. She said to make an appointment for 3 weeks as the results of the first biopsy would be back by then and also i would have healed sufficiently.....I don't know if I am worrying for nothing.....but I can't help worrying that the erosion is related. I have repeatedly been told that cancer is extremely unlikely but the fear is gripping me like nothing else. I have read that an erosion can be indistinguishable from early cervical cancer....I wish more than anything I hadn't googled and found that :-(

Any advice/experiences of a similar nature appreciated.

J xx

I'm not sure where my reply to this has gone, but I wanted to ask if you have rang the clinic to get a better idea of what they have done / haven't done ?

Hi Debbie

i didnt see your reply either, must have been lost in cyberspace :-( No I haven't to be honest. It was the private consultant who performed everything that day, she was nice enough but not over empathetic, but I guess thats their job. I know she took biopsies and I made an appointment on the day to go back on the 18th.....I am almost wishing I went with NHS now as I didnt get to see anything or really have it explained properly. I am trying hard to just carry on as normal for now until my appointment comes around and hope that the results are as expected (i.e NOT cancer) and that any further treatment will be organised quickly.....she seemed way too busy to perform anything more than the colposcopy and biopsies, my appointment was about 40 mins late!

Hope your ok