Colposcopy- large area found. General anaesthetic

Hi there

i had my colposcopy today. Wasn't painful at all just a strange sensation. It was found that I had a large area of abnormal cells and need to under GA to get them removed. They also sent my appointment through as urgent. 

has anyone else had this done under GA, I'm not sure what procedure they are going to do, they did say but I have forgotten! As I was just in shock. Looking for advice and other peoples experiences similar to mine.

does this mean I have cancer? I'm sure the Dr said he was 99.99% sure that I didn't have it but I can't be too sure that's what he said. Again it all seems a bit of a blur now. 

I am 25 years old, this was my first smear test and I have a 3 year old little boy. 

Emma x


No one can tell you if you have cancer. What will probably happen is that they will remove the abnormal area and send it to the lab. The lab will see if there is cancer. Trust your doc who says that the chances are very small. If and its s big if, cancer is found it could be that it was so small that it was removed by the procedure. They test everything that is removed so don't worry about that! It's a really scary time, I had vain 3 after my cervical cancer, and went through a similar line of events. Area found, removed under General, then waiting for results. Fingers crossed it all stand precancerous for you.

ring in the morning with a lust of questions. You will probably find them very helpful, if not get a gp appointment do you can talk it through.

Thank you I will do. Trying to remain positive but gets quite hard at times. 

 Is everything ok with you?

Emma x

All is great with me. Had my second op end of October and had all clears since. X

Ahh that's great news. Woke up this morning feeling anxious again. I dont know how you ladies do it! I'm just hoping and praying there found it before it develops into cancer. 

Emma x

Bless you! It can sometimes seem like us 'old timers' have it all under control! Believe me we've all had the 'fear'. As time goes on it gets less and less. You'll do whatever you have to do and get through whatever you have to get through just like we all will. It's totally normal to be scared, but I've found the unknown far more scary than facts. Keep us posted. 

Thank you I know I just fear the worst. I have my good moments and my dad moments. Don't think it helps that I work in a doctors surgery!

Emma x

So got my appointment through today....12th May!!! Considering they put it though as urgent doesn't seem that urgent to me?? Was expecting it to be next week or something. Not sure what to think?!

Emma x