Colposcopy in 2 days

Hi ladies
I have my colposcopy in two days and so frightened…I’m really thinking of not going as I’m so scared…
I really have a feeling I’m going to be told I have advanced cancer…
My smear is 7 years late I’m a smoker and ive been having pelvic lower back leg arm chest pain in the last 4 weeks
I just don’t feel well in myself I haven’t eaten properly for 5 weeks and ive lost a lot of weight

I know I have not been diagnosed as yet and some of you actually have…I don’t mean to be insensitive it’s just I have no one else to talk to about it
I do suffer from health anxiety I have done since I was 12 I’m now 33 so if you know about health anxiety you could just imagine how I’m feeling
I’ve put my life on hold coz I feel like I’m going to be told I have cancer
My results came back as borderline with hpv…but I’ve read they are not accurate
Which scares the he’ll out of me
And the other day my nurse did a internal and said my cervix had a little bloody discharge on it…she took swabs to check for infection…I’m hoping that is from the miscarriage I had the week before I literally stopped bleeding a day before the examination
Even writing this I have a really bad headache I think it’s all the stress I’ve been putting myself through this last month or so
I’m thinking is it all in my head as the leg back and chest pain has all come on since I had my smear…
I did have pelvic pain prior though…God I dunno
I feel so silly as it could be nothing but we all know our bodies and I know summink ain’t right
Even if it isn’t cc I still need to figure out what is making me feel these symptoms
Thanks for reading guys x

Hi Sarah

I have just had my results back from my coloposcopy.confirmed c.i.n 2 which was suspected.  I had it done on the 1st of December . Like u I was absolutely bricking it imagining allsorts. .  The procedure itself isn't bad I was in and out in half a hour. The nurses are really nice and tell u what is being done and explain about why they do it . If u are worried please go see your nurse at your GPS.  I did she explained and made me feel a whole lot better. Remember it's not cancer it's just in case . My nurse explained it's sort of like a mole when u have a mole u have to keep a eye on it for any changes where as cause u can't see your cervix they just whip em out just to be sure.  Allthou if u are borderline u proberley won't need treatment most likely tell u to come back in 6 month for another smear check on em. My sister had borderline changes for years  never needed any treatment she just had to have more regular smears to keep a eye on em. Shes just had a clear smear now.  Ask for your pain it probs be due to stress and  worry I had terrible headaches  cause it was all I could think about.  Hope u OK 

Thanks Charlene 

I'm sitting myself for tomorrow thinking all sorts......glad urs went ok.....

Just read so many things it's really worked me up....gonna try n be strong and just go x

Thanks for the reply x

Hi I was the same I think I got addicted to Google . Then it would freak me out crying thinking the worse.  It's the waiting that is the worst.  Hope everything goes OK today x 

Ok so I had my colposcopy today...literally just got back....

It wasn't that bad....she had a look at my cervix and said it looks ok she said their was a bit of abnormal cells which will need treating however it needs to be done under GA as I was so anxious, she said that will be the best for me.....she said she was 99% sure their was nothing sinister going but she can't give 100% until I have biopsy which will be done at the same time as treatment

The nurse was really nice really put me at ease....

I have treatment in 2 weeks x