Colposcopy,i should be relaxed but that little voice in your head!

Hi All,

So had my colposcopy today,one of the 1st things the doc said was that there was no obvious signs of cancer! She then took 2 biopsys, await for the results and will be in touch in the new year to decide how to treat it,she also stated they were moderate changes,1 area looks not bad then one was severe…i have been spotting the past couple of months,a substantial amount of discharge and periods longer and heavier… if its not cancer what else is causing these issues? I should be able to relax now shouldn’t I? It is good news after all.Just wondering if any ladies here have had something similar. Thanks.

The most concrete results would be from the biopsy.  That will give you a really clear view.  I would not go based on the doctors visual inspection.  It is not reliable.