Colposcopy HPV

Hi everyone,

I have been for my colposcopy today and didn’t ask any questions that I had planned to and actually written down.

So my smear results shown borderline changes and HPV positive.

My colposcopy today shown very little if any changes at all (which I know I should be happy about about)
I got to look my my cervix on the screen and noticed it started bleeding, not loads but enough for it to drip down. And also 2 very tiny very white lumps at like 5pm if my cervix was a clock.

The colposcpist said he didn’t see anything that concerned him, or nothing enough to warrant having a biopsy taken and said I would be back on routine smears every 3 years. I know I should be happy, but I’m concerned that with me having this virus still that there is a chance, although a small chance that these borderline changes might change worse over the next few years.

I know I should be happy, but I’m a little confused that they monitor you yearly if you have the virus, but I’m now back on 3 yearly with having borderline changes and HPV positive :see_no_evil:

I have had Lletz in the past, and HPV positive since 2014! The only question I managed to ask was how long will it take for me to finally get rid of the virus, which he said ‘eventually’ and this did not fill me with much hope.

To make things worse they messed up my appointment and I had to sit around waiting to be seen if someone didn’t show up! So after building myself up for the colposcopy appointment, I kind of felt deflated and like I had a rushed appointment when I did go in.

I got a letter straight away saying everything was normal and discharged back to GP in 3 years.

I know no one can give me an answer, but I just feel like after all these years, giving up drinking for 2 years, never smoked and no sex for 2 years to try clear the virus - and I’m left in limbo, again! It’s literally got to the put that I broke down in the hospital because I can’t think of anything else and that it’s seriously taken over my life. Its all I think about, about how to clear it. What if it never clears? What if in 3 years I’m still positive and have to go back to colposcopy again? What if these borderline chnages progress in 3 years?

I feel like I’m going crazy with it all and become a blubbering, emotional, non-social mess all because my body is failing me in getting rid of the virus!

Apologies for the lost post, but I needed to vent to get it off my chest.

K x

Dear CuriousK,

You sound really distressed and worked up at the moment - and it sounds like it’s mainly about things that ‘might’ happen, rather than where you really are. Your previous experience (the LLETZ and knowledge of your HPV virus) sounds like it’s taking over your life in some ways. There is no evidence that HPV will disappear if you don’t have sex, for example - there is also no known way of killing the virus - your immune system has to destroy it, and some people’s immune systems do not clear it. There is more likelihood your body will not clear it if you are stressed, and that’s something you are getting more and more! Yes, I think you could do with finding someone to talk to; a counsellor maybe.

Thank goodness it’s only borderline changes at the moment, that it’s very slow to progress, if it does, and that you will be monitored. You need to try and give yourself a break, try to enjoy life, boost your immune system in any way you can, and try not to stress yourself so much. Then your body might be able to beat this virus, and even if it doesn’t, positive thinking will benefit you much more than worrying. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t3:

Hi jacks133,

Thank you for your response. I’m not going to lie I think you have hit the nail on the head saying I need to talk to someone. People I live with have also told me the same thing. It’s just hard not to think about when it’s all I have been thinking about in the back of mind for 7 years, and now it’s at the front of my mind.

I just wish that that was more information on HPV for people who can’t get rid of the virus within 2 years.

That’s what I think is making it worse that no-one has an answer or even a type of answer for it. Or at least to be monitored a little closer than 3 yearly for it.

I am the type of person that worries about the what ifs more that the right nows, because I have always had to to prepare for the worst case scenarios in life, because when I don’t and something happens, I struggle. And if I don’t have an answer for something that tends to be what I focus on the most :see_no_evil: it’s hard to explain but it makes sense in my head.

K x