Colposcopy for HPV, lesion found


I'm hoping someone can offer some advice as I had my second colposcopy yesterday with a locum at the hospital who was less than helpful. I now feel anxious and unsure about what I was told.

In June 2012 i had my first smear which found CIN 3. I had a colposcopy and then LLETZ to remove the section of cells. My check up smear in January 2013 found no abnormal cells but the presence of HPV. I had a second colposcopy yesterday and they found a part visible lesion which they took a biopsy from.

I ask the locum why this lesion was only partially visible and he said they'd let me know when the results come back. If the results come back as CIN 3 and i need treatment how will they get to the non visible bit??

Also I do not really understand what they mean by this further pre-cancerous cells or something completely different?

Again when I asked the locum he offered me no answer Cry

I am very nervous as I don't know what to expect from the results. Please offer some reassurance or advice if you can.