Colposcopy for CGIN but none found very confused

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone has had any experience of this, I went for a colposcopy last Monday after a smear test showed CGIN. Just been told the results of my LLETZ biopsy and they found traces of CIN2/3 which they feel they have removed but no sign of CGIN. Does this happen? What would happen next?
I'm feeling really sick.

I haven't experienced this myself, yet from what iv read in here I think they will send the results to a MDT meeting, this is where a few doctors will give their opinion on every result. Somtimes smears and colposcopy biopsies and lletz biopsies can contradict each other so the MDT meeting will be the judge on if they are happy with the end result. Did they do the cutterage biopsy too? I think it's called that anyway, that's where they put a thin instrument up the cervical canal and thata where CGIN is found, if they have done that and the results are ok then that's fab. Plus maybe the CGIN affected area was that small it may have been removed from the original punch biopsy or even the smear itself. I think you should ask the doctors to explain the results and maybe ask for a copy of the letters bk and forward they've sent your gp. Also ask if it is being sent to MDT meeting or not. I think mdt meetings are usually within around 4-6 weeks they will review all "contradicting" results, if that makes sense xxx

Hi Caroline

My colposcopist told me a smear is only 70% accurate, so is a colposcopy. Biopsies are around 90%, and LLETZ has the best accuracy. So yes, it is common, but it more likely that the smear was wrong than the LLETZ :)

Thank you for your replies x